Thursday, June 12, 2008

California !!!

Today June 12 Ryan Lefebrve (while on the radio) has thanked all those listening in California,Missouri on KRRL 1420 AM. I would consider myself one of thee more prominent Royals fans in California but I'm not going to brag. And told the story of how California got it's name :
In 1846, the Post Office required a new name be selected for Boonsborough since there was already a Boonsborough in Missouri. Legend has it that California is named after California Wilson who offered two gallons of whiskey to some men if the town would be named after him.

So there you go if your ever in the area stop by a see me and we can talk Royals.
Sorry guys for no posts I'd went the route of InDaytonWeTrust . Ok so not really but I've been away from the computer after my grandpa's surgery so just filling you in. Ray

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