Thursday, June 26, 2008

A prayer

First off thank you Lord for the great times you've given me here lately as a Royals fan,
just one small request:
Please let the Royals win every game left in June against teams whose mascots are birds, we can lose all the rest of the games in June to teams without a bird for a mascot.

Now let's go Red Bird hunting !!!
*PS I'll begin to compile part 2 of the Royals in Baseball on The Royal Treatment

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thoughts from the 6-24 game

Denny Matthews:
He kinda looks like Lima (Vizcaino, ) without all the stuff to his hair and without the jewelry

Bob Davis:
But is it Vizcaino time ?
Denny Matthews:
Now the Royals have used both their Ramirez'ez

Bob Davis:

Denny Matthews:
Ramire in Spanish
Overall the guys in the radio both are doing great. BD has really really improved and now I look forward to his innings to. He brings great enthusiasm to the game and of course DM does to as he always has.
Steve is doing great with his scoreboard updates and when it comes to play by play he could use a little more practice and enthusiasm. He should become a good one if given time;

On the FSN side Ryno seems to have regressed some, I don't know if it's not being with Denny or what but he just seems dry. And his jokes and punchlines just don't have the same stuff they did a year ago.
Splitt is well Splitt he does a good job of covering the bases and being that solid guy at times he can be a little boring though but not very often.
Frank White recently filled in for a couple innings to talk on the radio he's a Great TV guy, but I don't think he's cut out for radio where you have to interrupt the story to bring the fans the call.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A used joke and then I lose control

So I knew what Denny meant. and it HAS been used way to much but:

Denny Matthews:
And now Yabuta is going to take a hike behind the mound

It's still funny !!!
Of course this is right before the 3 run double by Durham and what was with that call on Aviles ?
Thank goodness we are Royals fans or else 50 years later someone be holding a sign:
I still hate Bill Welke !!!

Of course this is in reference to a sign that a fan had in Arizona when KC was there
I still hate Don Denkinger or something like that.

On the Royals Yahoo list, there is of talk of Royals/Cardinals not being a rivalry because they are not in the same league ( yes Kc is leagues above the birds) . Ok yeah whatever, who is buying that one ?
St.Louis fans always bring up that it is not a rivalry (usually when they lose), BUT I tell you what friends, if the Cardinals beat the Royals who will be the first person to rub it in your face ?, the guy in the White Sox jersey who's team is in 1st place, or the guy in the Cardinals hat ?


And true their can't be a "great" rivalry between two teams of different leagues.
Take the A's, Giants rivalry for example the Giants are more concerned with the Dodgers !
Mets, Yankees, one word: Red Sox.
Why even bother with the interleague play then ?

Of course as my grandpa pointed out why does Kc charge $10 more a ticket for each of the 3 games against St.Louis ? The selfish little {bums}

For the same reason the Redbirds charge more for all 10+ games against the Cubs. But wait I forgot St.Lois and Chicago are in the same state (the 51st beating out Purto Rico) Loserville aka the NL.

Of course the Royals could have switch league's back in 98' but if we would have how many people would be going the Royals are built like an AL team ? And the Cardinals would still only care bout' them Cubs.......

Friday, June 20, 2008

Let's get some feedback !!!

Post the call number and city of the Royals on Radio affiliate station/stations you listen to the most and I'll make them bold over on the side support YOUR CITY ! Also feel free to post the mailing address of the station and I might just interview your local broadcaster !
Support YOUR CITY !!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One More thing

About the 6-18-08 victory over St. Louis :
Jason LaRue is batting he loops a single up the first base line

The Call
Bob Davis
Basic and he loops one over the first baseman Gload for a single

Denny Matthews
If it were the next batter Looper. It would've been a looper by Looper

Bob Davis
And LaRussa would have thought that was super, super !

And a final thought why is LaRue not as sucky now ? I mean he sucks just not near as bad.
Let's get A SWEEP !!

Ron Mahay's interview

Anyone catch Ron Mahay's interview after the game on the Radio ? Dude it was sweet.
Steve Stewart: What were you thinking whenb you faced Ankiel ?
Ron Mahay: I faced Ankiel whenb he was coming up as uh, uh, uh, hitter.
And Troy Glaus uh, uh ,uh, .........

So in all I counted 12 uh not just uh uh uh. But uh, (pause) uh, (pause). I'm telling you it was FUNNY. I wish I'd recorded it. I didn't catch it at first and thought it must be a rookie. But no it was the Vet Mahay. So he is one bad interview or he was looking out for Guillen.

Uh (looks right) Uh (looks left) Uh (looks behind)

Let's go get a sweep !!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Royals Merch

Today we shall explore the glories of Royals merchandise a total of 5 will be explored.
#1 is this thing (look above) that is and I quote:
Kansas City Royals MLB X-30 Authentic Collection Titanium Necklace by PHITEN
  • Worn by players on field as part of the MLB Authentic Collection
  • This necklace features Phiten's Phild processed Aqua-Titanium, which has the ability to regulate the body's natural electric currents through cell ionization
  • Promotes muscle relaxation, pain and stress relief, fatigue reduction, blood circulation improvement thus helping prevent injury
WOW and at only $40 it's a steal right Joey G ? C'Mon it basically sells itself or not. Let's ask:
Ramon !!
Looks like he likes it ( bottom one of the three necklaces).
Are next item is much better it's a:

Dirty laundry holder yahoo. And wait there is more call now and we'll reduce the price:


Was: 9.99

  • Do your laundry while showing your team spirit!
  • Great for any fan!
  • What a bargain and there's more look what someone who has dirty laundry has to say:
    Sorry we're not that type of blog. Moving on,

    The Royals all black cap. So that you can blend in with all your rapping buddy's you know the ones with the green Boston Red Sox hat ! A sweet treat for ONLY $30 Buck's*
    * and I'm beginning to think one is enough

    And for 25 smackers you can take home this sweet little lady:

    All that can be said about it is :

  • Commemorate the 2008 All-Star Game with this 9" Statue on Parade figure.
  • This summer the All-Star Game will be held in Yankee Stadium, and MLB will be placing team decorated Statues of Liberty throughout New York City.
  • This 9" figurine is a replica of the 8.5' version that can be found in New York City
  • Sweet. The perfect gift to line dad's desk at the office. Hey so what if Father's Day has passed Dad deserves all he can get.

    So while dad sleeps feel free to sneak in and give him a nice mullet because our next Royals Merch will bring anyone back:

    They will make what you intended to be a nice finish to your truck make you want to go buy that VW and put shag carpet on the roof. A must for the average Royals fan a cheap $6

    And finally maybe you got dad the dice and he got a mullet and the VW, You should buy this for $20 and gorilla glue it to your face.

    Have a good day !!

    Happy Father's Day a story


    And now a short story:

    And so there we were amongst the vicious vipers of the desert in 106 degree heat battling the Kings of the NL West. A battle in sued but ye were we struck down first 1-0 in a heated battle. Only then did we call upon thee help of St.Patrick

    Well their lardy I mean laddy (sorry) maybe not St.P, only Gil Meche, Luke Hochevar, and the Son's of Offense. Plowed down the evil snakes like St.P so long ago.


    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    Friday is over..

    ..And the Royals lost 1-0 in 10 innings @ Arizona a loss is a loss but hey St.Louie got destroyed 20-2. The paper's headline here was Friday the 13th Massacre. I sure hope the Royales can put that much hurt on the Birds.
    But as one Cardinals fan put it(who shall remain anonymous):
    It's not really a rivalry the Cards only care about the Cubs

    I KNOW not all Cards fans are that indifferent and how can 2 teams in the same state not be rivals? Only in California where their are 5 teams can they not be rivals.
    Yes living smack dab in the middle of Missouri they are always whinging about Don D. And yes they are into it the liars. So how sweet would it be if the Royals should post 20-3 victory over the evil-Birds?

    Well it would just be another game.

    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    A few thought from today

    A few thoughts that are floating in my head
    Tomko is gone and Rosa is up !!
    Top prospect Carlos Rosa is getting his first shot at the bigs and the $3 million dollar mistake is gone. Talk about money NOT well spent.
    Sonic Slam Inning
    Ok so Waneta Jones of Bonner Springs, Kansas has been drawn twice? Fair but I know I've got about 50 sent in and haven't gotten drawn once. And best name in the SSI that would go to Willadean Nation who won $4,200 congrats !
    Lefebrve VS Bradley
    As many know Milton charged up 4 flights of stairs looking to bust up Ryeno but was stopped by Daniels and Washington. What a sight that was I bet old man Washington charging up them, stairs right after Milton. Hey Bradley, Ryan said you had anger issues right? So it's understandable that you wanted to go up their and beat him up ! geez And then you scream at teammates breakdown cry. Maybe you just need to um GROW UP !!!

    California !!!

    Today June 12 Ryan Lefebrve (while on the radio) has thanked all those listening in California,Missouri on KRRL 1420 AM. I would consider myself one of thee more prominent Royals fans in California but I'm not going to brag. And told the story of how California got it's name :
    In 1846, the Post Office required a new name be selected for Boonsborough since there was already a Boonsborough in Missouri. Legend has it that California is named after California Wilson who offered two gallons of whiskey to some men if the town would be named after him.

    So there you go if your ever in the area stop by a see me and we can talk Royals.
    Sorry guys for no posts I'd went the route of InDaytonWeTrust . Ok so not really but I've been away from the computer after my grandpa's surgery so just filling you in. Ray