Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've found my best comes out when I do a Top O the Morning type post. So here you go.

No not Minnesota, as I'm sure most of you have heard John Buck's wife Brooke gave birth to there first child only they got two of them twin boys Cooper and Brody . Talk about getting the most bang for your buck. Also the new father was there allowing Tupman to get into his 1st game and get his 1st hit.(Maybe his last)

Signed a 3 year deal but most likely it was a 6 year deal as most of us I'm sure hope. If Soria remains the closer he could threaten Quiz's Royals saves record.
No Hit

Really sucks but you've got to give hat's off to Lester he just dominated. What else can you say other then let's take the next three.
Now has 30 RBI's on May 20th who thinks he'll top Emil's team leading 62 of last year? It sure is great to not have a pathetic team. just another hat's of to Lester as Grudz and Guillen were both on fire entering the game
I heard on one of the Royals lists I'm on Charles Barkley commented last
night about Lester's no-hitter saying that since it was against the
Royals, it should count as only a "half" a no-hitter.
Isn't this the same guy who kissed an ass ? What makes NBA players think they know @#%*^!? about MLB ? Hey Charles take a look at MJ you guys can't compete in baseball.

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  1. If Soria remains the closer he could threaten Quiz's Royals saves record.

    Jeff Montgomery has the team career record with 304. He is tied with Quiz for the single season record with 45. However I think that Soria will end up being a starter.