Saturday, May 10, 2008

Surprise 1st Royals game of 2008 for me

The Surprise
The time was about 2 PM I planned to get done from school and do my next royals UNsider article , but things change quickly and i soon found myself on the way to the K. And this is the story of what happened.
Robert E Lee: "War is h***"

War is h*** and the Kauffman Stadium parking isn't to far behind. What was ounce awesome parking is now a 10 minute trek to the game. i'm cool with it as long as it is only when their doing construction but they can not keep it that way.What's more disturbing is the way they tell be people to park far away or park near. There was no system at all they need to be careful or they'll have a racial discremination case on thier hands.

Big,huge,massive, awesome picture. Who cares, at first I loved it and then I liked it but the more i thought I like the old one better. Strange, but then again it's all about the baseball for me. I do like the stats being displayed all the time though. but were's the crown? I can not in my heart of hearts accept this viedo board until it is crowned the it will be awesome. But hey it is pretty cool.

I think the prize i'll hand out will be a trip, FOR ME !!! Yes the lucky winner will have the chance to buy me dinner, then take me to a Royals game and buy me a ticket. Awesome prize huh? I was originally thinking a royals hat, and a gift card to Sonic or something. but after last night's game it has been my luck to set with people who know nOTHING of the Royals. SO I thought if I have that problem you must have that problem too. So wall-la I'll go to the game with you and we can talk Royals baseball.
Ok time game time finally in the stadium just in time for 1st pitch I can't wait to see Gil pitch as last year I was always a game to early or a game to late, and here's how it went:

1st Inning Top : Gil looks sharp, struggles a bit, throws quite a few pitches but overall looks solid through 1

2nd Inning Bottom
Teahhen single and then our main man AG drives him in with a big blast.

2nd Inning Top: Gil gets'em 1, 2, 3 but throws like a gazillion pitches to Millar and Ramon almost hits a HR driving Guillen to the warning track.

2nd Inning Bottom: It is my experience watching games live that you get a better feel for how the game is going to turn out this inning and I wrote it down so no one could say second guesser to me was the one that killed KC... Guillen singles Ross Gloads grounds into fielders choice. Then up next is John Buck he cranks one stands in and the pitch by Trachsel Gload gets a monster jump on the pitch and is almost already at 2b and Buck hits one to deep LF it starts dropping the LF Scott is chasing there is no way he get's to it yet Silverio holds Gload on 2B till after it bounces of the wall and then there is no way Gload can score he ends up at 3B and Buck at 2B with a double. Right then I could feel if you don't score that's the game Callaspo 3 unassisted DeJesus 4-3 inning over. Why didn't Luis send Gload on a team that already struggles for runs. that guy need to be canned. I'm tired of seeing him do that for the last years.

3rd, 4th & 5th Innings: Gil struggles mightily throws a ton a ton of pitches give up a HR to Mora in the 3rd and then come the 5th Aubrey Huff hit a 3 run monster the that cleared the Royals bullpen. Meanwhile in the bottom of those innings Steve Trachsel is being Steve Trachsel. In following the game of MLB it seem if you are going to beat the Steve Trachsel pitchers you've got to beat them early. The Royals didn't and Steve stymied the Royals for the next 3 and a third inning.

Baltimore 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th : Please tack on 2 more runs for the O's thank you

Royal 6th Sonic Slam Inning: Gordon walks then Olivo grounds out 6-3 then Grudz walks then Guillen walks then up comes Gload and I'm screaming PH with Butler PH with Butler didn't happen and then Ross comes up. Can you say 4-6-3 twin killing or this time Royal killing.

Royal 7th, 8th : Both produce a run but also leave 3 on base.

Bottom of the 9th: In comes the O's closer George Sherrill. Leadoff hit by DaveyD then Trey remembers he's still got Bulter so in comes Billy B. He walks. Up comes AG, he wants badly to be the hero. He takes a massive hack and misses the fastball, he takes a massive hack and misses the 75 MPH change.

Then friends I must admit I failed, AG hit a foul that bounced back my way and I almost had that ball but some old man swooped down and took it (he had the better angle) Then AG struckout.

OK, CLASS MATH TIME: 1 out, tying run at the plate, 1 out, fast guy at 2nd, slow guy at 1B, what do you do? Oh and did I mention not only is Gathright on the bench available as a PR but Tony Pena Jr too? Whada' ya do? .......................

Answer: Nothing

You leave Butler at 1B so that Olivo can ground out 4-6-3. IMHO with either Joe or Tony at 1B, Brian Roberts has to rush his throw, Olivo beats out what was a very very close play at 1B and the Royals are still alive, but he didn't, so thanks for that one Trey, genius very genius .
American Idol Winner Hopeful
David Cook sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during when else the 7th inning stretch and said: for it's root, root, root, for the ...( fans say Royals) Cook says home team a shade of embarrassment shines across his face he finishes an says let's rally.
Yasuhiko Yabuta
His line may look alright but to me he doesn't look confident he struggles even when he doesn't (make any sense?) i think sometime in AAA would do him good
Jose Guillen
Proverbs 6:9 AMP
"How long will you sleep, O sluggard ?"

I'm a mid western boy as I'm sure quite a lot of Royals faithful are, I bet most of us our father's when out in the yard playing ball taught us to hustle.
"As soon as you hit the ball you better be running"
I've had the debate about Guillen (the he's only hitting .190 debate) before with several people and have decided to try and avoid it. But who cares about running anyway ? His bat may not be hot right now but that is no excuse for his lack of hustle.If he is hustling it's the Royals he' hustling. Straight to the bank $36,000,000.00 cha-ching, cha-ching.
Seriously come on Jose you crybaby.
I could go into more detail but will leave you with 6 last random thoughts,
  1. Feels good to finally make it to the k this year
  2. Bought a media guide
  3. The people behind me spilt soda on my hats
  4. Very few O's fans the fewest amount of opposing fans I've ever seen at the K
  5. Ketchup won the race by 5 bun lengths
  6. The very last rant for today, why is everything now sponsored ? It is so annoying the Silverstein eye centers broadcast booth. Please. Pretty soon it will be HyVee Stadium home of the Panera bagels. Heck even the urinals were sponsored (maybe not but just you wait) I think mine said Welcome back to the Boulevard Beer official urinal or something like that.
Have a good day and GO Bagels I mean Royals sorry.

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