Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Royals Radio Network

So who has noticed that the Royals on Radio as it used to mainly be called now is the Royals Radio Network? I thought I'd investigate and found out from Fred White:
We haven’t changed our name. We have always used both Royals Radio Network, our formal name and the less formal Royals on Radio. You may call us whichever you prefer….just keep listening
Ok thanks Fred. But it could just be me but does it not seem like in 2003 it was RoR and the it was eventually all RRN. I mean how often do you hear them say Royals on Radio? Not very often that's for sure, of course you still send out your Sonic Slam inning cards to:
Royals on Radio
P.O. Box 16660
Kansas City, MO 64133
So who knows what to belive? Here is what I think happened,
The Royals complained to the Royals so the Royals changed to the RRN.Prince Charles
Thanks Royals you made the better Royals change their name. Just because you were on the Radio over in England. Just please don't take the RRN to !!

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