Saturday, May 3, 2008

Interview with The Tao of In Dayton We Trust

Below is an interview done with The Tao of IDWT as he takes his hiatus he'll break mine right now

Why are you a Royals fan ?

I grew up in Kansas City, so the Royals are my team. It wasn't always like that -- before RSTN (and now FSN KC, I guess) -- I watched lots of Braves games on TBS, but when that channel got removed from our basic cable provider, I started paying more attention to the hometown guys. It hasn't always been easy, but I'm convinced my loyalty to the Royals will pay off sooner than later. Then again, I'm sure Rany's been telling himself that for 15 years, and Neyer pretty much jumped off the wagon years ago. Whatever. Go Royals.

Why remain a Royals fan ?

It's not really a choice -- more like a state of being. When you're out in the greater world -- New York, for instance -- you tend to grow fonder of old familiars, things you grew up with, concepts instilled in youth, that sort of thing. I don't cling to the Royals, necessarily, but I rally around them as a way of affirming my identity as a Midwesterner. Also, the Royals are fun to watch. Lots of young talent, emergent stars, etc., and they're on the right path.

In Dayton We Trust will Dayton lead KC to the playoffs ?

Definitely. If not he, then who? That's what I say anyway.

Best blogs/boards besides your own ?

There're a lot of fantastic Royals blogs that are active, probably more per Royals fan than any other team (Boston has about 80 Red Sox blogs, but their fans outnumber us by about 100 to 1... I pulled those numbers out of my ass, but you get the idea). Just a very short list of great blogs: the big three -- Posnanski, Mellinger and Rany , -- Royals Review, Royals Authority, Royal Reflections, Royales with Cheese and The Royal Treatment (who runs the Royals Nation message board, I believe, which is also good stuff).

Are you a Chiefs fan ?

Yeah, grudgingly. I mean, I love the Chiefs, of course, but they've caused me so much heartache and -- let's be honest -- full-blown anger that I sort of have a love-hate relationship with them. I will say this: they had quite the draft, in my opinion. I like all their Day 1 picks, especially the two first-rounders (they got exactly who they wanted). They won't do anything next year, but wait till 2009-10.

Favorite Player ? (gotta ask)

Pitcher: Brian Bannister. Batter: Billy Butler.

Do you listen to very many games on radio or mainly TV ?

TV. I don't think I have a radio in the house.

Name the first thought that comes to mind:

David Glass ?


Ross Gload ?


Tony Pena Jr.?


Royals Review ?


And that concludes are interview with The Tao of In Dayton We Trust one of thee top 100.000th Royals blogs
(mine would be one of thee top 1,000,000,000th Royals blog (wish I had a dollar for each blog ahead of mine))

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