Saturday, May 3, 2008

How to end one's season part 1

Great idea's 2.0
#1 when on the DL and attempting a comeback punch your hotel room door it's fun, painful, and damaging to your health. A very smart idea to let out anger and frustration. So there I was in Applebee's after church and across the bottom of the screen: Royals pitcher Bale out indefinatly after punching door.( Those sound dog remotes at Applebees are awesome by the way) Shades of Neal Musser must be a universal left hander thing as right handers (like myself) are much smarter (much) (Unless your a lefty and reading my blog in that case your bucking the trend way to go). Bale of all people a veteran it was understandable for Musser but Bale ! Hey the Royals won 2-0 let's not dwell on the stupid people of this world, we all make mistakes but must of are's don't make the TV. Soria is awesome. Great to see Gil Meche pitch well.
But what was Bale thinking !!
I still can't get over that he should have just called up some friends and vented*.

* Venting as in talking not as in the venting beer commercial unless their is a designated driver.

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