Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blueberry plants/Deadliest Catch + much much more

Blueberry Plants and Deadliest Catch
Yeah that sums up my day today so I know what you're thinking what does this have to do with the Royals ? Answer is absolutely nothing at all except, while planting the blueberry plant's I thought of a new series that will give this blog some class. See right now we're in the slums of Royal's blogs while everyone else is in or near the high class area near Royals Review estates.
So look for that new series hopefully coming your way tomorrow.
Well yeah that explains the blueberry part but what about the Deadliest catch ?
Well not much other then it's a greattt show on Discovery a must watch also while on that subject anyone reading this wouldn't have a cool $2,000,000.00 lying around the house collecting dust would you ? Because if you did you could give it to me so I could buy this !
Neato huh ?
+ Royals Notes
See we aren't all about me. So Kc has lost there last two to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of United States of North America of the Western Hemisphere of the Galaxy etc.
So plain old Kc has looked really bad against LAACUSNAWHG so it's a good thing we won't have to see them again after tomorrow.
{ Interlude}
(Optimist pops up out of ground)
Optimist: Unless we see them in the playoffs !
Ray W: Who are YOU ??
Optimist: I'm the eternal opti.....
(Ray W slams him back to earth like "whack a mole"*)
{End of Interlude}
Sorry about that don't worry he's gone now we're were we ???
I forgot
Anyway is Bannister's 2007 a fluke who knows yet, but Teahen's 2006 sure looks like it was.
Where would we be if a Royals team had 1 player with 30 HR's in a season ? or a player with 75+ RBI or a player that could get 170-200 hit's ?? Yes my friend that is the stuff dreams are made of.

* disclaimer "whack a mole" is considered offensive by animal's rights groups like PETA so please don't whack a mole it's just plain wrong and more offensive then when the Royals bat.
+ Comments Please
Has anyone checked out Sweet Lou on the bottom of this here blog ?
Does anyone read this blog ? Should I post a recap of every game or is there a enough out there?
I want some comment's even if your comment is: "Hey stupid"
+ The Final Word: It's May and I'm yet to make it to the K and it's driving me bananas

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