Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome back

Sorry for the sporadic posts been very busy and well sick to. But hey just some random stuff so you know I'm still alive:
  • If Mitch Maier were still a catcher he would have gotten a lot more PT at the Major League level the last couple years.
  • Why did the Royals let Yorman Bazardo go through waivers unclaimed and why last year did they let Zach Segovia go unclaimed? According to the Scout prospects 2nd yearly magazine they are both prospects.
  • Why haven't I had time to post on my favorite site Royals Nation? Coughs****( while whispering under breath at the same time)***(and why aren't I an admin yet?)**** :)
  • Boy this game is going south
  • Why can Steve Stewart's 9 year old out hit him yet he's on roids ?
More to come some time. I know I'm behind on stats for the contest yet SHURST is the only one I've head from in awhile. O and finally:
  1. Check out the new thing on the very bottom of this blog my mom found it somewhere great to see the former Royal star. I guess ?
  2. Go buy a legacy brick. For your family for your blog. ( can you do that ?)
  3. Check out the Royals father day thing BP with your dad. I won't make it but you should take you're dad hurry only 40 avl.
  4. Brush your teeth don't want them to fall out do we!
  5. Plant a tree!!! Join Arbor Day !!!!
  6. I forgot ???????
  7. I've lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Baseball and Other things right here we've just got "other things"
  9. Yabuta is yucky
  10. 9-8 yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need some rest right now !!!!!

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