Friday, April 11, 2008

Sweep aborted

Royals lose 6-1 and the Yankees avoid the sweep I've had a lot of fun watching/listening to this team and one thing is certain they are entertaining. I've enjoyed the games but for anyone feeling a little down after a loss I'll try and console you after each lose. OK ?
Here we go:
A little article I have taped to my wall along with all my Royals Memorabilia

Royals loyalty put up for bid by finished fan
From wire reports
The Kansas City Royals lost yet again Wednesday a 6-1 setback at Minnesota. With the worst record in the majors,who could fault a fan for taking a nose dive from the bandwagon.
Chad Carroll auctioned off 25 years of loyalty to the Royals on EBay on Tuesday, along with Jerseys, hats,baseballs,and other memorabilia.
And in a spate of irony, faithfulness to a club with one of the smallest payrolls in Major League Baseball sold for a paltry $278.47.
"It really does feel like a big weight has been lifted," Carroll,34, who lives in Maryland but grew up listening to games from his home in Iowa, he told the Kansas City Star.
A group of nine friends bid for Carroll's freedom,splitting the cost and earning the right to select his new team.
They outbid the T-Bones a minor league team, and saved Carroll from being held hostage by another Kansas City franchise.
So don't you feel better now knowing your no some idiot who would sell his love for a team. I'm glad he's gone, I hate fans who aren't loyal. In fact I'm a die hard Royals fan (duh) but whenever their on I'll watch my favorite NFL team the Oakland Raiders who I've been a fan of ever since I was 11. No I'm not going to change teams I don't care how weird it is that my first love is the Royals and my second is DA Raiders who's arch rival is the Chefs ( O I mean Chiefs). You can't buy my loyalty it's not for sell. ( And before you ask I'm NOT AT ALL an A's fan).
Let's go sweep the Twinkies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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