Saturday, April 19, 2008

ROR Update 4-19-08

A quick rundown of the Royals on Radio here early in the season


My favorites would be the Tompkins one's you know

Honey it says here the Royals lead the leauge in Really Bad innings...................

Do you understamd the game. I think so the guys come out then theirs a breif entermecon and they come back out in a differant uniform..........................

Yes Tompkins has the best commercials so far IMHO. The commercials I hate well that would be Panera bread. Mainly because I hate Panera bread if you can't deliver then you should be gone period I don't care that they donated something to a Royals charity ! That's nice but it shouldn't get your commercials on the air. Also isn't Panera bread from St.Louis ? Why don't we go ahead and have Anheuser-Busch sponser us to ? Oh so that's why there's Budwiser on the back of last couple media guides.

What ever happened to York A/C and cooling ???

Enter the Sonic slam inning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fly Midwest airlines I will be November 14th to a cruise !!


Bob Davis makes all kinds of mistakes balls and strikes mixed up players at the plate etc.
Denny hasn't been on this road trip I miss him
Stevie Stewart I think would be really good with Denny make thoose two a pair and DFA Davis so he can go to Kansas full time.( Not that I've got anything against BD just basketball is more his sport.) Steve seems like a nice guy and hope he stays around.

610 Sports has a very weak signal even when just giving it to the affiliate station(KRRL 1420 AM) here in California Missouri. I've always been able to pick up the games still can but with a very annoying buzzing sound for all games past 9 PM.

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  1. Thanks for the blog love.

    Personally, I miss the Cub Cadet Mow 'Em Down Inning.