Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let's Hope

What happens on Opening Day doesn't stay on Opening Day as the Royals showed lots of grit to come back off Verlander and then lots more to win it in 11 after Brett Tomko did his part to help Detroit. Yes their are thousand different recounts of the game, so why read this one ? Because it's informative on something we'll figure it out soon.
IT all starts the night before I lay awake trying to figure out weather to watch the game or listen to the game. Then I wake up go through my day and at 11:30AM I freakout I forgot Spam don't tell me how stupid it is but in baseball their is lots of superstition and one of mine is I eat a can of Spam with Gates BBQ and a Swedish fish every game before Gil Meche is to pitch. So I cooked the spam and drizzled it with Gates but I didn't have any SF their for Gil didn't win.
Game time I turn it on the TV and on the radio if you can stand knowing what happens before you see it happen you'll love it. So anyway my plan was to watch for an inning and then listen for the next inning. Only a T-Storm did away with that during the storm while on the radio:
" BEEP BOOP BEEEP This is a warning from the National weather service in Springfield Missouri"
So that is what made up my mind "weather" to watch TV or listen on the Radio and all you guys just thought I couldn't spell. HAHA So anyway that's a run down of the game within the game.
Here's my basic takes from the game:
Tomko is everything I thought he would be a Loser.
  • TPJ was what 1-5 with 3K's we need to find a replacement not to mention I thought he could bunt now I guess not.
  • Meche was solid.
  • Nunez was a relief.
  • Guillen was has a WICKED ARM awesome to watch
  • Grudzilanek snagged a base he is now on pace to nab 162 (watch out Ricky Henderson)
Hope you all had a great Opening Day and let's keep the wins rolling Wensday ok
STATS UPDATE (It's not to late to join)

Ray W
.750 AVG 3 H 1 RBI 1 SB
.200 1 H
.200 1 H 1 HR 2 RBI

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