Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ideal "imaginary" ballplayer

Ok I have no clue what everyone thinks so IE your philosophy's on hitting, pitching etc. What's your ideal Baseball player not ideal but one that would be closest to you if you "could" play in the bigs. If you could create one imaginary player what would be his personality ? His stats ? We've all probably dreamed of the majors, but I'm willing to bet none of us will ever make it.
( unless your part of cleaning or vending crew).
So why not join in the fun ?
(disclaimer I've been way to unbusy today and this wreck is the result sorry to all)
So what's your ideal player here's mine :
POS: SS but also 3B, 2B, 1B, LF, and RF
HT: 5' 10"
WT: 225 lbs
B/T: R/R
BORN: Somewhere on a gravel/dirt road in the Mid-West
Personality: A guy who has enjoyed listening to his radio and hearing baseball all his life a hard worker who came from a fairly large(2 brothers 1 sister), but poor family where you had to earn a living. A guy who is quite when in the media but is great leader in the clubhouse. A family man who enjoys spending time with his family when not on the road.
Basepaths: A hustler not the fastest (think Ross Gload) but he's out of the box in a hurry, his father installed that in him ,"As soon as the ball is hit you better be running" and his father's words ring in his mind at every at bat. A small stolen base threat he will grind out some steals.
The Plate: Semi patient he will walk some but mainly is a put the ball in play contact hitter about the power of a younger Grudzielanek. Not at all flashy.
The Field: A super utility guy who learned long ago that he wasn't exactly the perfect guy to play the OF to short or SS to heavy but has master quite a few positions. Not at all the smoothest player makes easy plays look hard but always makes the plays.
Umpires and brawls, etc: Will never question an umpire when at bat himself but will always come to his teammates defense if an umpire calls ball 4 strike 3. Coming from the Midwest he is a very prideful man who won't take the opponent making fun of his team and in the event of a brawl will be the always be one of the first ones out. Hates the Yankees as all Mid-Westerners should and has vowed never to play for them.
Facial Hair: When he's younger he has a goatee when he turns 30 he grows a beard, mustache
and sideburns
That's my ideal imaginary player and here are his imaginary
  • 25 Astros 62 .255 219 55 3 21 4 UTIL
  • 26 Astros 112 .283 423 120 7 40 12 UTIL
  • 27 Marlins 150 .271 600 163 12 62 10 SS-LF
  • 28 Red Sox 148 .269 456 123 8 42 5 RF-UTIL
  • 29 Red Sox 130 .305 255 78 4 27 9 UTIL
  • 30 Red Sox 72 .294 187 55 5 22 18 UTIL
  • 31 Cubs 152 .285 595 170 15 68 15 SS
  • 32 Cubs 148 .242 520 126 8 49 6 SS
  • 33 Rangers 132 .251 418 105 5 39 7 3B-UTIL
  • 34 Royals 139 .301 557 168 10 53 4 LF-1B
  • 35 Rays 148 .272 568 155 7 62 14 SS
  • 36 Dodgers 72 .285 168 48 2 23 1 UTIL
  • 37 Dodgers 82 .306 212 65 3 30 3 UTIL
  • 38 AAA
  • 39 Twins 35 .155 118 15 0 10 0 UTIL
I'll get something out on the Royals soon no more of this stuff ok just breath in breath out....
Post your picks somewhere on here get your friends to join we need more people to play then just three. SHURST, RAY W, JEFF, sometimes Keith, once anonymous and Royals Nation.

Please send me some feedback on how my blog is doing !


  1. Stupid stats why won't you line up !!

  2. Ideal ballplayer. Loving this concept.

    I'm thinking it's a ballplayer who will excel, but would be willing to remain with a small-market club like the Royals throughout the bulk of his career. In other words, someone willing to take a possible pay discount and sign long-term with the club who drafted and developed him.

    Someone who possesses these other qualities, in order of importance:
    1. Great OBP! We need a .280/.380/.450 type hitter.
    2. A middle infielder! A great defender. Successful ballclubs are almost always defensively solid up the middle.
    3. Holds up well over time! Doesn't age rapidly. Think Mark Grudzielanek, with better range, speed, and a much better OBP. Or maybe a Michael Young who stays productive past his mid-30's.

    That's a start. I might begin a similar topic over at RN, if you don't mind.

  3. I wasn't reading blogs & posting stuff as much as I am now. Didn't notice this when U posted it.

    But I think my fantasy player would be a cross of a hustling Kirby Puckett, a fiery Hal McRae, a clutch George Brett and a nice Mike Sweeney... not a speed burner, but a heads up base runner… play "team ball"... fundamentally sound... a switch hitter (& thrower)... play just about anywhere except middle IF & catcher (even emergency pitcher)... play as a R handed fielder (except when playing at 1base).