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Hideo Nomo

Sorry for the lateness April hasn't been that good between school, the Royals, and trying to find what is killing my turkeys. I haven't got any time !
I was going to do one on Nomo over the weekend but spent that time doing much more admirable work collecting trash of a gravel road in the middle of Missouri. Because hey you never know when a cute girl will drive by and see your saving the world...........

Hideo Nomo (野茂 英雄) #91

Yes Nomo-Mania is back and it has hit Kansas City come to think of it Nomo is the biggest star the Royals have had since Jeff King. I mean he brought home a silver medal in the 1988 Summer Olympics and won the 1996 ESPY Award for Breakthrough Athlete. Was oftened credited for opening the door to Japanese players to enter MLB. Just ask Ichiro and I'm sure he'd say:
野茂英雄が大好き!( I love Hideo Nomo !)
Yes it would seem everybody loves Hideo. And what's not to love come on he is the closest thing

Taken from Wikipedia:
Kintetsu Buffaloes drafted him in 1989. Nomo debuted with them in 1990 and was an immediate success, going 18–8 but more impressively striking out 287 hitters in just 235 innings. The strikeout numbers are attributed to his unorthodox wind-up, where he turns his back to the hitter, raises his pivot leg, and freezes for a second before throwing. The windup gave him the nickname "Tornado".
the Royals have had to a star since George Brett (sorry Sweeney and no Beltran, Dye, and Damon you guys were not stars while in KC of course you were but no one noticed). But then after the 1994 season, Nomo got into a contract dispute and eventually lead him to the LA Dodgers

Nomo's parents begged for him to come home, and Nomo was soon disowned by his family for "disgracing" them
And from there a star was born it would take no time at all for Hideo to become a legend in his first year way back in 95' He started the All-Star Game for the NL (striking out 3 0f the 6 batters he faced) won the NL Rookie of the Year What a great first year huh ?

Then came year 2 not quite as good but a No-Hitter makes any season a great one and he accomplished that "little" feat September 17 1996 at Coors Field.

Nomo also found commercial success in America. Nomo had a signature sneaker, called the Air Max Nomo, produced by Nike in 1996. Also, he appeared on a Segata Sanshiro commercial for the Sega Saturn in1997.
Then came 1997 batters caught up and soon he found himself 14-12 and falling in 1998 it was all about McGwire and Sosa and Nomo was traded to the Mets after a 2-7 record he then went 4-5
for the Mets and was released. He signed with the Cubs in 1999 made three starts in AAA before refusing to make any more minor league starts. Then he somehow got out of that deal and signed
I refuse to make any more minor league starts

with the Brewers were he went 12-8 and became the third fastest pitcher to 1,000 K's in MLB history. The Brewers waived him after contract issues and the Philadelphia Phillies claimed him, then granted him free agency only 24 hours later after more contract issues.( my word what have the Royals gotten themselves into) Finally signing with the Tigers and going 8-12 and was released again!!! Nomo then signed with the Red Sawks and went 13-10 and recorded his second no-no-mo-hitter at Camden Yards.
and becoming just the fourth player in baseball history to have thrown a no-hitter in both leagues (joining Cy Young, Jim Bunning and Nolan Ryan)

A free agent after the end of the year, Nomo returned to the Dodgers going 16–6 with 193 K, and 3.39 ERA Then in 2003 he went 16–13, 177 K, and a low 3.09 ERA. But in September he began showing signs of injury and fatigue.
But then after undergoing shoulder surgery in October 2003 He came back in 2004 and went 4–11 with an 8.25 ERA for the Dodgers

Wikipedia says:

(the worst ERA in the history of baseball for a player with at least 15 decisions in a season).

Hi Before Spring Training of 05' he signed an $800K contract with the D-Rays he went 5-8 posted a 7.24 ERA, he was released on July 25. (yeah again) An

Wikipedia says so more

On July 27,Nomo was picked up off waivers by the New York Yankees, who signed him to a minor league contract, but they never recalled Nomo from the minor leagues. Nomo was signed to a minor league contract by the Chicago White Sox during Spring Training in 2006 to play for the AAA Charlotte Knights of the International League. Nomo has not pitched in the Major Leagues since.
He did pitch for the Leones del Caracas of the Venezuelan Winter League though in 2007. And is now back in the bigs with your Kansas City Royals !!!

So who is Nomo ? An old man with issues who is released a lot and is taking up room on the Royals 25 man Roster but hey if he can show signs of coming back to his old no-no-mo-hitter form this could be the best signing without bothering to scout the player in the history of MLB. But hey Hideo likes to make Major League history.

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