Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Game 2 / 1st place Royals 1-0 @ last place Detroit 0-1

Get your picks in read my blog post below then cast your vote in the vote spot so we can see if Grudz looks better with or without. Also who else is going to Opening Day at the K ? All the important people(Royals Board + Royals Nation) are which explains why I won't make it. Also gotta try and go April 12 for PB Billy Butler jersey. I so wish I could go but my parents are making me go to a wedding (yuck). Anyone else see the ESPN replay off Fukudome's HR (where it wasn't pronounced Fokudome). How's everyone's fantasy teams doing ? What you think of yesterday's game. Be sure and tell all your friends to join in on the contest also if your anonymous just be sure and put your name down along with your pick. Also if your running late just give me a quick email
Also plan to have more blog posts with added hyperlinks and longer length that will also retain comical value.
Any Idea's just shot'em my way.
Finally leave your Pick along with your answers to my questions here on this thread.


  1. I'm not going on opening day but already have tickets for the 4/12 game.

    My pick for game 2 is Billy Butler.