Saturday, April 26, 2008

For the first time since 2003

Well maybe before 2003 but 03 is when I became a diehard Royals fan so that's about all I remember geez 03 was 5 years ago. So anyway for the first time when the Royals lead heading into the 9th I feel the game is over nope didn't get that feeling when Mike MacDougal was closing or Dessens or Amboriox Burgos or anyone else for that matter.
Oh but when Soria comes in I feel that it's over the save is his yep he's the "Mexican god of Saves"
right that down sir. In fact he's one of the top closers in baseball better then Paplebonbon even IMHO. Well that's about all I've got time for now but look for some bigger better bolder interviews happening now !!!!

Also if you play the Royals Nation Trivia Central it's your lucky day as I'm about to reveal the answer to a question soon to be asked: What does Lefebrve call Bob Davis B.D. and what does Denny call him Robert there you go sign up for RN so you can get them TC points. Also glad all you all that could make it to RR day made it I didn't but I wished I could.
Enough ranting the summary in a word or two Soria Rocks !!! And Ray W socks !!!
Wait that wasn't supposed to happen !!! I meant Soria Rocks !!! and More bigger, bolder, better interviews are on the way !!!

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