Saturday, April 26, 2008

For the first time since 2003

Well maybe before 2003 but 03 is when I became a diehard Royals fan so that's about all I remember geez 03 was 5 years ago. So anyway for the first time when the Royals lead heading into the 9th I feel the game is over nope didn't get that feeling when Mike MacDougal was closing or Dessens or Amboriox Burgos or anyone else for that matter.
Oh but when Soria comes in I feel that it's over the save is his yep he's the "Mexican god of Saves"
right that down sir. In fact he's one of the top closers in baseball better then Paplebonbon even IMHO. Well that's about all I've got time for now but look for some bigger better bolder interviews happening now !!!!

Also if you play the Royals Nation Trivia Central it's your lucky day as I'm about to reveal the answer to a question soon to be asked: What does Lefebrve call Bob Davis B.D. and what does Denny call him Robert there you go sign up for RN so you can get them TC points. Also glad all you all that could make it to RR day made it I didn't but I wished I could.
Enough ranting the summary in a word or two Soria Rocks !!! And Ray W socks !!!
Wait that wasn't supposed to happen !!! I meant Soria Rocks !!! and More bigger, bolder, better interviews are on the way !!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rain out

Rain, Rain, Rain, for ounce it's not that disappointing to be rained out not when the team needs,Look at those muscles think of all that home run hitting ability's I'm drooling at the thought of it.
And if that isn't enough pop or if the Royals don't sign him, then I don't know what to say but the guys at the
Oh yes they do their must be Royals fans in Mississippi because one made this:
Look at those muscles and you thought Frank's were large Barry's are XXXXXX-Large. We need to get one of the two, before you start chanting future, future.future.
Ask yourself this one question one and only one,
My answer's No and Butler is the only one, so yes signing Thomas or Bonds would be great.
And signing Bonds would put butts in the seats if nothing else but to gather up the family to go boo the guy who ruined the national pastime. That's fine with me if we get more dough maybe Glass will spend more. I said maybe...................................

2008 Missouri Spring Turkey Season

The 2008 Missouri Spring Turkey season is under way it started April 21 but.........................

after yesterday's outing a few Royals fan's maybe looking to pull the gun on another turkey

Jimmy Gobble
Sorry but you can't he doesn't have a beard tough luck.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

ROR Update 4-19-08

A quick rundown of the Royals on Radio here early in the season


My favorites would be the Tompkins one's you know

Honey it says here the Royals lead the leauge in Really Bad innings...................

Do you understamd the game. I think so the guys come out then theirs a breif entermecon and they come back out in a differant uniform..........................

Yes Tompkins has the best commercials so far IMHO. The commercials I hate well that would be Panera bread. Mainly because I hate Panera bread if you can't deliver then you should be gone period I don't care that they donated something to a Royals charity ! That's nice but it shouldn't get your commercials on the air. Also isn't Panera bread from St.Louis ? Why don't we go ahead and have Anheuser-Busch sponser us to ? Oh so that's why there's Budwiser on the back of last couple media guides.

What ever happened to York A/C and cooling ???

Enter the Sonic slam inning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fly Midwest airlines I will be November 14th to a cruise !!


Bob Davis makes all kinds of mistakes balls and strikes mixed up players at the plate etc.
Denny hasn't been on this road trip I miss him
Stevie Stewart I think would be really good with Denny make thoose two a pair and DFA Davis so he can go to Kansas full time.( Not that I've got anything against BD just basketball is more his sport.) Steve seems like a nice guy and hope he stays around.

610 Sports has a very weak signal even when just giving it to the affiliate station(KRRL 1420 AM) here in California Missouri. I've always been able to pick up the games still can but with a very annoying buzzing sound for all games past 9 PM.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome back

Sorry for the sporadic posts been very busy and well sick to. But hey just some random stuff so you know I'm still alive:
  • If Mitch Maier were still a catcher he would have gotten a lot more PT at the Major League level the last couple years.
  • Why did the Royals let Yorman Bazardo go through waivers unclaimed and why last year did they let Zach Segovia go unclaimed? According to the Scout prospects 2nd yearly magazine they are both prospects.
  • Why haven't I had time to post on my favorite site Royals Nation? Coughs****( while whispering under breath at the same time)***(and why aren't I an admin yet?)**** :)
  • Boy this game is going south
  • Why can Steve Stewart's 9 year old out hit him yet he's on roids ?
More to come some time. I know I'm behind on stats for the contest yet SHURST is the only one I've head from in awhile. O and finally:
  1. Check out the new thing on the very bottom of this blog my mom found it somewhere great to see the former Royal star. I guess ?
  2. Go buy a legacy brick. For your family for your blog. ( can you do that ?)
  3. Check out the Royals father day thing BP with your dad. I won't make it but you should take you're dad hurry only 40 avl.
  4. Brush your teeth don't want them to fall out do we!
  5. Plant a tree!!! Join Arbor Day !!!!
  6. I forgot ???????
  7. I've lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Baseball and Other things right here we've just got "other things"
  9. Yabuta is yucky
  10. 9-8 yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need some rest right now !!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jose Guillen madness

Jose Guillen a big topic on my mind as lately I've argued with quite a few people on it. So I'll answer some questions about ole Jose.

Question 1. Jose can you see ?
Maybe. Jose is happy that in this country before every game the people always ask him: Jose can you see by the dawns early light.... But lately that just makes him more parinoed as it seems like he is making quite a few 3 pitch K's. So Jose can you see ? We don't know maybe he got sunscreen in his eyes like Dan Johnson did.
Stats to prove a point 12 games 6 hits 12 Strikeouts 2 Walks

Question 2. Did we overpay for Jose Guillen ?
Let's look at how much he's made over the past 4 years:
2004 $2.2 million
2005 $3.5 million
2006 $4 million
2007 $5 million
2008 $12 million
Wow something really changed look how much his $$$MONEY-MONEY-MONEY$$$ is rising
A it's good to be JG right now. Remember back in Spring Training how he said he was going to buy a new awesome car ? Maybe that money whould have been better spent on an eye doctor or a new glove.

Question 3 Jose Guillen will bust out of his slump very soon ?
Maybe I mean no I don't excpect him to hit .150 all year but you no what trey say:
*******************(Can he still hit whithout HGH ???)**************
Question 4 Jose Guillen is a huge asset in the OF
Yeah if his glove was as good as his arm but it's not the error he made yesterday was horrible shades of Emil Brown bad. True Emil might not have got to it. But a guy getting a $7 million dollar raise should catch that.

Question 5 Jose Guillen is a mean player ?
Let's look for ourselves:

Jose Guillen smack dab in the middle of th fight

Jose Guillen after drop kicking Grudzielanek and then running away like a little girl

Another fight ??

That's all you need to know about Jose Guillen for now
While your on the web be sure and check out Royals Nation Survivor contest 2.0

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sweep aborted

Royals lose 6-1 and the Yankees avoid the sweep I've had a lot of fun watching/listening to this team and one thing is certain they are entertaining. I've enjoyed the games but for anyone feeling a little down after a loss I'll try and console you after each lose. OK ?
Here we go:
A little article I have taped to my wall along with all my Royals Memorabilia

Royals loyalty put up for bid by finished fan
From wire reports
The Kansas City Royals lost yet again Wednesday a 6-1 setback at Minnesota. With the worst record in the majors,who could fault a fan for taking a nose dive from the bandwagon.
Chad Carroll auctioned off 25 years of loyalty to the Royals on EBay on Tuesday, along with Jerseys, hats,baseballs,and other memorabilia.
And in a spate of irony, faithfulness to a club with one of the smallest payrolls in Major League Baseball sold for a paltry $278.47.
"It really does feel like a big weight has been lifted," Carroll,34, who lives in Maryland but grew up listening to games from his home in Iowa, he told the Kansas City Star.
A group of nine friends bid for Carroll's freedom,splitting the cost and earning the right to select his new team.
They outbid the T-Bones a minor league team, and saved Carroll from being held hostage by another Kansas City franchise.
So don't you feel better now knowing your no some idiot who would sell his love for a team. I'm glad he's gone, I hate fans who aren't loyal. In fact I'm a die hard Royals fan (duh) but whenever their on I'll watch my favorite NFL team the Oakland Raiders who I've been a fan of ever since I was 11. No I'm not going to change teams I don't care how weird it is that my first love is the Royals and my second is DA Raiders who's arch rival is the Chefs ( O I mean Chiefs). You can't buy my loyalty it's not for sell. ( And before you ask I'm NOT AT ALL an A's fan).
Let's go sweep the Twinkies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other notes: Their are no other notes

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ideal "imaginary" ballplayer

Ok I have no clue what everyone thinks so IE your philosophy's on hitting, pitching etc. What's your ideal Baseball player not ideal but one that would be closest to you if you "could" play in the bigs. If you could create one imaginary player what would be his personality ? His stats ? We've all probably dreamed of the majors, but I'm willing to bet none of us will ever make it.
( unless your part of cleaning or vending crew).
So why not join in the fun ?
(disclaimer I've been way to unbusy today and this wreck is the result sorry to all)
So what's your ideal player here's mine :
POS: SS but also 3B, 2B, 1B, LF, and RF
HT: 5' 10"
WT: 225 lbs
B/T: R/R
BORN: Somewhere on a gravel/dirt road in the Mid-West
Personality: A guy who has enjoyed listening to his radio and hearing baseball all his life a hard worker who came from a fairly large(2 brothers 1 sister), but poor family where you had to earn a living. A guy who is quite when in the media but is great leader in the clubhouse. A family man who enjoys spending time with his family when not on the road.
Basepaths: A hustler not the fastest (think Ross Gload) but he's out of the box in a hurry, his father installed that in him ,"As soon as the ball is hit you better be running" and his father's words ring in his mind at every at bat. A small stolen base threat he will grind out some steals.
The Plate: Semi patient he will walk some but mainly is a put the ball in play contact hitter about the power of a younger Grudzielanek. Not at all flashy.
The Field: A super utility guy who learned long ago that he wasn't exactly the perfect guy to play the OF to short or SS to heavy but has master quite a few positions. Not at all the smoothest player makes easy plays look hard but always makes the plays.
Umpires and brawls, etc: Will never question an umpire when at bat himself but will always come to his teammates defense if an umpire calls ball 4 strike 3. Coming from the Midwest he is a very prideful man who won't take the opponent making fun of his team and in the event of a brawl will be the always be one of the first ones out. Hates the Yankees as all Mid-Westerners should and has vowed never to play for them.
Facial Hair: When he's younger he has a goatee when he turns 30 he grows a beard, mustache
and sideburns
That's my ideal imaginary player and here are his imaginary
  • 25 Astros 62 .255 219 55 3 21 4 UTIL
  • 26 Astros 112 .283 423 120 7 40 12 UTIL
  • 27 Marlins 150 .271 600 163 12 62 10 SS-LF
  • 28 Red Sox 148 .269 456 123 8 42 5 RF-UTIL
  • 29 Red Sox 130 .305 255 78 4 27 9 UTIL
  • 30 Red Sox 72 .294 187 55 5 22 18 UTIL
  • 31 Cubs 152 .285 595 170 15 68 15 SS
  • 32 Cubs 148 .242 520 126 8 49 6 SS
  • 33 Rangers 132 .251 418 105 5 39 7 3B-UTIL
  • 34 Royals 139 .301 557 168 10 53 4 LF-1B
  • 35 Rays 148 .272 568 155 7 62 14 SS
  • 36 Dodgers 72 .285 168 48 2 23 1 UTIL
  • 37 Dodgers 82 .306 212 65 3 30 3 UTIL
  • 38 AAA
  • 39 Twins 35 .155 118 15 0 10 0 UTIL
I'll get something out on the Royals soon no more of this stuff ok just breath in breath out....
Post your picks somewhere on here get your friends to join we need more people to play then just three. SHURST, RAY W, JEFF, sometimes Keith, once anonymous and Royals Nation.

Please send me some feedback on how my blog is doing !

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The Results are in and the winner is............................................

Grudz'ez beard baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stats through GM 6

Red = leader
*= Tied

.160 AVG 4 H 1 R 1 2B 1 HR 4 RBI
.346 AVG 9 H 5 R 3 2B 1 3B* 2 HR 9 RBI
.318 AVG 7 H 2 R 1 2B 2 RBI 1 SB 1 BB
Anonymous #1
.250 AVG 1 H 1 R 1 3B* 1 RBI
Royals Nation (DL ?)
same as last posted

Post your picks below:
I'll go Grudz/Teahen/Gathright

Hideo Nomo

Sorry for the lateness April hasn't been that good between school, the Royals, and trying to find what is killing my turkeys. I haven't got any time !
I was going to do one on Nomo over the weekend but spent that time doing much more admirable work collecting trash of a gravel road in the middle of Missouri. Because hey you never know when a cute girl will drive by and see your saving the world...........

Hideo Nomo (野茂 英雄) #91

Yes Nomo-Mania is back and it has hit Kansas City come to think of it Nomo is the biggest star the Royals have had since Jeff King. I mean he brought home a silver medal in the 1988 Summer Olympics and won the 1996 ESPY Award for Breakthrough Athlete. Was oftened credited for opening the door to Japanese players to enter MLB. Just ask Ichiro and I'm sure he'd say:
野茂英雄が大好き!( I love Hideo Nomo !)
Yes it would seem everybody loves Hideo. And what's not to love come on he is the closest thing

Taken from Wikipedia:
Kintetsu Buffaloes drafted him in 1989. Nomo debuted with them in 1990 and was an immediate success, going 18–8 but more impressively striking out 287 hitters in just 235 innings. The strikeout numbers are attributed to his unorthodox wind-up, where he turns his back to the hitter, raises his pivot leg, and freezes for a second before throwing. The windup gave him the nickname "Tornado".
the Royals have had to a star since George Brett (sorry Sweeney and no Beltran, Dye, and Damon you guys were not stars while in KC of course you were but no one noticed). But then after the 1994 season, Nomo got into a contract dispute and eventually lead him to the LA Dodgers

Nomo's parents begged for him to come home, and Nomo was soon disowned by his family for "disgracing" them
And from there a star was born it would take no time at all for Hideo to become a legend in his first year way back in 95' He started the All-Star Game for the NL (striking out 3 0f the 6 batters he faced) won the NL Rookie of the Year What a great first year huh ?

Then came year 2 not quite as good but a No-Hitter makes any season a great one and he accomplished that "little" feat September 17 1996 at Coors Field.

Nomo also found commercial success in America. Nomo had a signature sneaker, called the Air Max Nomo, produced by Nike in 1996. Also, he appeared on a Segata Sanshiro commercial for the Sega Saturn in1997.
Then came 1997 batters caught up and soon he found himself 14-12 and falling in 1998 it was all about McGwire and Sosa and Nomo was traded to the Mets after a 2-7 record he then went 4-5
for the Mets and was released. He signed with the Cubs in 1999 made three starts in AAA before refusing to make any more minor league starts. Then he somehow got out of that deal and signed
I refuse to make any more minor league starts

with the Brewers were he went 12-8 and became the third fastest pitcher to 1,000 K's in MLB history. The Brewers waived him after contract issues and the Philadelphia Phillies claimed him, then granted him free agency only 24 hours later after more contract issues.( my word what have the Royals gotten themselves into) Finally signing with the Tigers and going 8-12 and was released again!!! Nomo then signed with the Red Sawks and went 13-10 and recorded his second no-no-mo-hitter at Camden Yards.
and becoming just the fourth player in baseball history to have thrown a no-hitter in both leagues (joining Cy Young, Jim Bunning and Nolan Ryan)

A free agent after the end of the year, Nomo returned to the Dodgers going 16–6 with 193 K, and 3.39 ERA Then in 2003 he went 16–13, 177 K, and a low 3.09 ERA. But in September he began showing signs of injury and fatigue.
But then after undergoing shoulder surgery in October 2003 He came back in 2004 and went 4–11 with an 8.25 ERA for the Dodgers

Wikipedia says:

(the worst ERA in the history of baseball for a player with at least 15 decisions in a season).

Hi Before Spring Training of 05' he signed an $800K contract with the D-Rays he went 5-8 posted a 7.24 ERA, he was released on July 25. (yeah again) An

Wikipedia says so more

On July 27,Nomo was picked up off waivers by the New York Yankees, who signed him to a minor league contract, but they never recalled Nomo from the minor leagues. Nomo was signed to a minor league contract by the Chicago White Sox during Spring Training in 2006 to play for the AAA Charlotte Knights of the International League. Nomo has not pitched in the Major Leagues since.
He did pitch for the Leones del Caracas of the Venezuelan Winter League though in 2007. And is now back in the bigs with your Kansas City Royals !!!

So who is Nomo ? An old man with issues who is released a lot and is taking up room on the Royals 25 man Roster but hey if he can show signs of coming back to his old no-no-mo-hitter form this could be the best signing without bothering to scout the player in the history of MLB. But hey Hideo likes to make Major League history.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


.........for Joe Posnanski to break out that yearly tradition the gloom and doom article let's write this season off please. We all should have seen this coming you get to first place and then bam there's no were to go but down. Sinking back to the great abyss.
On a brighter note I'm liking what I've seen from Ramon Rameriez he even touched 95 MPH with that kind of stuff this could turn out to be a great pick up.
Also it seems like we might see Hideo Nomo !

Feel free to email your Picks and I'll get out more blog stuff (and if Nomo is called up I've got a great one) soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

!+W= 1st Place in the AL

First place sole possession Cleveland has fallen and the Royals are #1 in the AL let's hope we're here at the seasons end but for now soak it in buy a KC STAR and watch ESPN the mighty Tigers have been slain by Meche, Greinke, Bannister and the Boys. Sure it might not last but we've got momentum heading into the Minnesota house of horrors (aka the Metrodome) along with it's nasty artificial grass that is sure to be a pain to DDJ if he comes back. Speaking of DDJ let's trade him Gathright is looking mighty fine. But while we're on the Metrodome the number one thought I have about that place is Sweeney destroying Redmond in a collision at the plate. ( good times)
Sorry about the shortness but I've got to run and I know I'll be busy tomorrow so let's enjoy 1st place for now and hope the glass slipper that feel of Davidson ( or that was stolen by Bob Davis while he was down there) fit's the Royals because I BELIEVE
3 G .454 AVG 5 H 2 R 1 2B 2 RBI 1 SB 1 BB
3 G .357 AVG 5 H 2 R 1 2B 2 HR 6 RBI
3 G .307 AVG 4 H 1 R 1 2B 1 HR 3 RBI
2G .200 AVG 2 H 1 R 1 SB

I'll go Gload/Gathright/Teahen

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Place baby !!!

Royals 1st Place
Indians not*
Twins not
Tigers not
White Sox not
* well maybe not but hey who care ?
All Below us yes we are 2-0 for like the first time since 2003:

Do you ?
It seems to me that Tony Pena and Trey Hillman both have that I believe quality that inspires miracles. Yes we can only hope it's 2003 all over again. 2-0 and the Royals go for a sweep of the Tiger of murder city oh I'm bad I mean motor city. But hey Ford is falling the gas prices are rising and the murder's row of the Detroit lineup is falling victim to the Royals for the first time since 2003! Wow hope we keep it up !!!!!
What else is their to say if we keep winning we can win 8+ games in April for time since 2003.
First place since 2003 let's go for a run for the title so what if it's 2 games this could be all the glory we get so live it up go out their and win, beat Bonderman and get that 1st sweep. Can you imagine a sweep in the first series ? That would be insane ! Now let's chant:
SWEEP !!!!!!!
SWEEP !!!!!!!!
Post your picks below sorry for the short blog post but between school and the Royals I'm busy !
Let's look at the stats for our contest (it's not to late to join in please the more the better)
Ray ( I picked Guillen but accidentally deleted that)
2 GM's .571 AVG 4 H 2 R 2 RBI 1 SB 1 BB
2 GM's .333 AVG 3 H 1 R 1 2B 4 RBI
2 GM's .222 AVG 2 H 1 2B 2 RBI

Keith and Royals Nation same as last stat update

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Game 2 / 1st place Royals 1-0 @ last place Detroit 0-1

Get your picks in read my blog post below then cast your vote in the vote spot so we can see if Grudz looks better with or without. Also who else is going to Opening Day at the K ? All the important people(Royals Board + Royals Nation) are which explains why I won't make it. Also gotta try and go April 12 for PB Billy Butler jersey. I so wish I could go but my parents are making me go to a wedding (yuck). Anyone else see the ESPN replay off Fukudome's HR (where it wasn't pronounced Fokudome). How's everyone's fantasy teams doing ? What you think of yesterday's game. Be sure and tell all your friends to join in on the contest also if your anonymous just be sure and put your name down along with your pick. Also if your running late just give me a quick email
Also plan to have more blog posts with added hyperlinks and longer length that will also retain comical value.
Any Idea's just shot'em my way.
Finally leave your Pick along with your answers to my questions here on this thread.

Let's Hope

What happens on Opening Day doesn't stay on Opening Day as the Royals showed lots of grit to come back off Verlander and then lots more to win it in 11 after Brett Tomko did his part to help Detroit. Yes their are thousand different recounts of the game, so why read this one ? Because it's informative on something we'll figure it out soon.
IT all starts the night before I lay awake trying to figure out weather to watch the game or listen to the game. Then I wake up go through my day and at 11:30AM I freakout I forgot Spam don't tell me how stupid it is but in baseball their is lots of superstition and one of mine is I eat a can of Spam with Gates BBQ and a Swedish fish every game before Gil Meche is to pitch. So I cooked the spam and drizzled it with Gates but I didn't have any SF their for Gil didn't win.
Game time I turn it on the TV and on the radio if you can stand knowing what happens before you see it happen you'll love it. So anyway my plan was to watch for an inning and then listen for the next inning. Only a T-Storm did away with that during the storm while on the radio:
" BEEP BOOP BEEEP This is a warning from the National weather service in Springfield Missouri"
So that is what made up my mind "weather" to watch TV or listen on the Radio and all you guys just thought I couldn't spell. HAHA So anyway that's a run down of the game within the game.
Here's my basic takes from the game:
Tomko is everything I thought he would be a Loser.
  • TPJ was what 1-5 with 3K's we need to find a replacement not to mention I thought he could bunt now I guess not.
  • Meche was solid.
  • Nunez was a relief.
  • Guillen was has a WICKED ARM awesome to watch
  • Grudzilanek snagged a base he is now on pace to nab 162 (watch out Ricky Henderson)
Hope you all had a great Opening Day and let's keep the wins rolling Wensday ok
STATS UPDATE (It's not to late to join)

Ray W
.750 AVG 3 H 1 RBI 1 SB
.200 1 H
.200 1 H 1 HR 2 RBI