Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wow !

I'm telling you I'm done with this whole Royals blogging thing I blast Sam Mellinger I get an email I blast Steve Stewart I get an email. Wow. unfortunately for you the readers I've learned my lesson my next post will have very little Royals content but will have lot's of Bill Gates ripping just FYI.
Just kidding !!!
Here's what Steve said:
I apolgize for the laryngitis talk. But because people are constantly tuning in and out, and since I'm new and a lot of people haven't heard me, I wanted them to know why I didn't sound like me. I realize that can get old if you're listening for a longer period of time.

Thanks for the note Steve.
Now on to the news:
David Glass wins an award (prize) other then "Worst Owner in MLB" read more here

Nomo has strong pen debut I tell you he's made it farther then I every thought he would personally I thought he'd be one of they first cut.

Tomko was good ( not including the 5H 3R 2ER in only 4IP nope don't count that or that his spring ERA is a whopping 8.59) according to KC

I worked at the food pantry yesterday and injured my finger on gravy the only other injury I'd ever suffer before was on biscuits ( I'm seeing a trend).

Most important news only 10 days till Opening Day and REAL games !!!!
Editors NOTE: Since Opening Day is a holiday it must be capitalized thank you

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  1. You should forget about Bill Gates. What you need to do is the hardest of all things for a Royals fan: BLAST GEORGE BRETT! It might be hard and is probably unwarranted, but at least you'll get that e-mail!