Saturday, March 8, 2008

Summing UP yesterday, today, and News

Well yesterday the Royals lost to Colorado, today the Royals lost to the Brewers, so 2 straight loses (oh my) this will throw a damp towel on Kc's bid to win the cactus league ribbon.
I hate to admit but yesterday's game is forgotten in my mind other then Chris George pitching. And I don't have web cast because dial-up is sooo sloww so forget reading a report here If you want one anyway try: Royals Review or Royals Nation can help even this link.
Now for news Bug Selig seems to think he's Oprah but Bud I hate to break it to you, you ain't Oprah your more of a weaker version of Al Gore. Why do I bring this up Bud is such a drama queen he still hasn't decided about Jose Guillen's suspension.
On top of that Mr. Selig announced Kansas City would hold an All-Star game. When? Well you really expect him to know? Let's see what Bud said about a date:
"Not yet because I'm still fiddling around, but the answer is yes, unequivocally," Selig said
Drama Queen.
Also in the news today according to MLBTR the Met's and Padres are in need of OF help.Think they might take DeJesus or Teahen for a decent prospect?
And finally I'm planning to do a series of interviews with some top Royals blogger's (on the state of Royals blogs and fourms and the state of the Royals and more.) that will appear on this site in the coming future.
Have a nice night........

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