Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Steve Stewart

Has became really annoying to the point I can't wait for Bob Davis.( spooky I know) Also I hate this email the booth "junk", I hope it stops during the season really if you were any kind of fan at all you'd know what is going to happen with Justin Huber right ? Did we lose today I guess so it's what the Internet says I missed it because I couldn't stand Steve Stewart. Just the little stuff so what if he's suffering for some laryngitis ? That really doesn't matter I guess I just get ticked of when he says stuff about Denny like making fun of Denny's point of saying Gargle instead of Google.I love it when he's says that myself. I thought Stevie would be a good broadcaster but I'm already sick of him. FYI I'm taking your blog of my list Steve until you get better.
Here's hoping he gets better or leaves.


  1. Even when I can only catch a few minutes of the game at a time, I swear I've heard him talk more about his poor dying vocal cords than about the actual game. I'll bet if he just kept quiet instead of doing all that whining, his voice would be all rested up by now.

    Shall we set an over/under on how many times he whines about that in tomorrow's game? I say 47.