Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Training GM 8 KC 4--AZ 3

Well we won, wow I think this team is playoff quality.Really? Cause I say save it it's spring training it means NOTHING at all. Do they even have a cactus league trophy or is it just a ribbon ?
Tell me why do people get excited for spring training games? Other then their baseball starved minds lust for Summer, or their down there to escape 30*F and snag some autographs. Spring training is all about a dream an American dream the same dream shared by all those AAAA players who dream of the Majors for good, a chance for those out of options to impress their team or by golly impress somebody else. A place where name emerge that will live in the halls of history for let's say a couple years? You know them, Dennis(The Big Sweat) Reyes, Emil Brown, etc,etc.
Now to todays game let's sum it up Zack wasn't the greatest, Soria was. Also Nunez, Rosa and Yabuta pitched but I wasn't really paying attention.
And then the bottom of the 9th :
Denny Matthews: "New DiamondBacks pitcher Jalien Peguero him and his wife have an unusual hobbie they collect baskets from Brazil..."
And then tragedy Ryan Shealy blasts a first pitch walkoff homer cutting off Denny and his story short. What happens next? How many baskets does Peguero have?? Where was this story going ?? Any other time this would be awesome a walkoff HR and all but no this is spring training and the story. But yes the Royals win (cheers).
And also for all you scorekeepers like myself a word of advice: don't bother keeping score in a spring training game it's like an NL game from Hell believe me.
Oh and thank you to "anonymous" love the name by the way for the first comment ever.

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