Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nomo oulasts Bartolo Plus 2 old Royals Updates

A little noticed fact was that on March 19 2008 Boston Red Sox assigned RHP Bartolo Colon to
their Minor League camp. Do you know what that means???

Hideo Nomo the guy Moore didn't even bother scouting the 39 who will be 40 years old before seasons end who dosen't even throw a knuckleball outlasted a major rumor getter in Black Bart.
Hat's of to Dayton who didn't even bother to scout Nomo nope he just faxed a Milb contract to Nomo that read "Free Vacation and the chance to help a friend named Yabuta".
Nomo shows up (along with the Japanese media) and right of the bat we hear he's overweight he's out of shape he stinks etc. But now he's outlasted Bartolo Colon and is fighting, fighting for a bullpen spot. So there's a feel good story. I guess ?.

Also while browsing the transactions I found March 20 2008:
Washington Nationals Purchased the contract of LHP Odalis Perez
Your Nationals Opening Day Starter ??

Also while we're at it Sween-Dawg looks like he'll make the A's RoyalsonRadioetc wishes him the best except when he plays the Royals then we wish him 0-4 4K. And yes I'll leave up my Sweeney poster for now but when we play the A's I'll take it down till the series is over. Strange to see


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