Wednesday, March 26, 2008

News of the day

Brian Lawerence was released today not that really matters at all unless your an O-Royals fan then that was big news I guess.
Jorge De la Rosa was DFA'd I'm sad to see him go to tell you the truth I could be the only Royals blogger who thinks that letting JDLR go was a mistake. He was only 26 and had tons of talent but he couldn't always control that talent.
( ^Just another reason to read this blog you know:

: What are you doing Johnny?
Johnny: I'm checking out this freak Ray W of RoyalsonRadioetc.
MOM: Turn it off it will rot out your brain with all this JDLR junk
(MOM turns it off)
Johnny: Bunch of junk anyway your right mom
MOM: Come Johnny let's get some Ice Cream and talk about REAL Royals blogs)

Okay that was weird........ back to the news I guess not quite sure what to do after that.
Ramon Ramirez was acquired by the Royals for a PTBNL he will make the bullpen which should push Nomo out of the bullpen even though Hillman said he will accompany the Royals to Milwaukee.
Ken Huckaby was sent to minor league camp along with Roman Colon (didn't hear much from him this spring) and C.Tsao ( like I can spell his first name pl-ease).
Huber a favorite of Royals bloggers with thier Free Huber chants well he was freed let me tell you that. Personally I think we never should have traded for him we should have stuck with Jose Batista. Oh and it was only for a PTBNL.
DeJesus is injured and all theese moves ruined my awesome post that was coming about former Royals farmhand Brian Bass who looks to be the Twins 12th man on their pitching staff.
Speaking of former Royals Emil Brown hit a Homer he looks like he'll have a great year why you ask? Because he's not a Royal anymore.

I'll be getting satellite Internet Monday so my posts should get better
Only 5 days till Opening Day
Your 2008 Rotation ( I think)

Good Night or Morning or Afternoon or Noon

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