Thursday, March 6, 2008

Michael Warren Maroth

Michael (Mike) Warren Maroth the 6' 190 pound Lefty from sunny Orlando,Florida he's the guy the Royals inked to a Milb deal. What a steal we got huh? A valuable LHP to compete in Spring Training with Jorge De La Rosa and John Bale for a rotation spot (because we NEED a LHP in the rotation) along with the "others" who aren't leftys. Yes it would seem Maroth being a vet would take that spot from them just reach up and pluck it away..........
Yes when he's on he's on but when he's off....It's the Home Run Derby on steroids especially when the wind is blowing out to LF at the K and the Boys in Blue hit Back-to back-to back Home Runs off him and that's saying something as we don't hit HR's nope not in KC. Oh and by the way the Tigers came back and won.Yeah we lost that game what else is new.
Oh back to the story...............................
But then out of the blue, tenderness appeared in his shoulder and we are yet to hear a single pitch from Warren this spring. (It's as tho the Roswell, New Mexico aliens got lost ended up in Surprise Arizona and stole Mikey) So while we wait to see him do something, let's see what makes him the obvious choice for the 5th rotation spot.
1 He's a lefty
2 He's twice pitched 200 innings 04' and 05'
3 He is one of a select few to lose 20 games 03"
4 He's a born again Christian same as Hillman and would be a great asset at the team Bible study.
5 His middle name is Warren
So there your top 5 reasons for Maroth. (I feel like a lawyer) I guess we could come up with as many as the PRO-Huber camp could but why bother ?
His cons K/BB last year 1.02
ERA last year 6.89 in what was his worst year ( Can anyone say Brett Tomko) yet we give Tomko $3,000,000.00 and a rotation spot that he's got to earn. (But he thinks otherwise)
So yeah Maroth is our guy right

Well that's it I'll leave you with one final bit It's Warren's site he had a myspace page yesterday but when I asked to be his friend since he had none. Well let's just put it his myspace page is GONE( true story). So now I (sniffle) don't have any friends and Mike (sniffle) I quit as your lawyer.

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  1. I liked it not very long and some humor keep 'em coming!