Thursday, March 13, 2008

Leagal woes, Billy Crystal and The Second coming of Emil

Wow are we getting you one action packed blog tonight. I'm as excited as you are so let's get to it, lots of news:

Billy Crystal the comedian works full count against Maholm before he strikes out
Ok why do we care right? I mean this is a Royals blog right? Well of course i just thought you might want to know about some news. If I was Maholm I would have gave Billy a HBP and then laughed but the MLB would frown on that one. If you want to read the story here but first ask yourself, why?

Now for the fantasy baseball players,
The Red sox placed Schilling on 60 day DL. So they could bring up Lincoln Holdzkom so be sure and pick up Holdzkom even if you want have to dump Papelbon. Why ? Obvious of course Holdzkom sounds better. ( better yet if your in my league I'll pick up Holdzkom and then you can just trade me Papelbon for him yep I'm just that kind of guy)

Damon Hollins
Hit his second Homer of spring today and boosted his team lead in RBI's to 11. Is it just me or is this the second coming of Emil Brown? You know occasional power, and poor fielding. I'm getting this strange vision that 2 years from now he'll be the everyday RF and making $4m for the boys in blue.

Mike Maroth
Was spotted and pitched one inning allowed one run and got the win. Based on that he should be the sure Cy Young and have about a 32-0 record.( I'm still trying to figure out why TJ didn't get 324 triples last year)

And Finally
I leave you tonight with some sadness last night I wrote

"Hows that taste Sam Mellinger"
He wrote me and said ........ like chicken. You will be hearing from my lawyer soon. So Sam listen I'm sorry I didn't know I could get a reader who writes for THE KANSAS CITY STAR. So just contact my lawyer Barry Bonds at
No seriously thanks for reading Sam.

I'll be back at the interviews tomorrow with Keith of The Royal Tower

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