Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interview with Will of Royals Review

Below is an interview done today with Will McDonald of Royals Review.

Why are you a Royals fan? Were you born in the area or was it your parents? Why ?

Will (Royals Review)
I am actually from Texas, so I really can't say why
I'm a fan. Just one of those things, you know? I am
always embarrassed about this, but its true. Beyond
that, I really got into the Royals (at the level of
wanting to have a blog about them) when I was in

When was you're first Royals game?

April of 2003, so you can say I picked a good time. I
remember being excited about Angel Berroa.

What would you say the overall state of Royals blogs and boards are?

This is a really great time to be a Royals fan. For
whatever reason, there has been a spate of new blogs
starting up in the last six months or so, to say
nothing of Posnanski's baseball blog, which is fairly
Royals-heavy (in a good way). It's almost like the
Royals are becoming one of those teams with so many
good blogs you can't even follow them all. Maybe it's
all the new-found optimism. In a way, I guess I was
sorta lucky to get started when I did (back in '04).
There were a million baseball blogs already, but not a
ton dedicated to the Royals. Finally, there's always
been a good sense of camaraderie in the Royals
blogosphere and on the message boards. I don't totally
know why, maybe it is just luck.

Why did you start your blog ?

I had a blog called Royals Nightly on blogger that
started in 2004. Not many people read it, but it was
fun. I went through a solid year when I was mentally
saying, "ok, next year, you'll have this site, and
this is how its going to be". Sorta pre-planning I
guess. Royals Review launched in May of 2005, but it
seems like I've been doing it longer than that.

Favorite blog or board besides your own Royals Review.

I try to check the main boards (Royals Corner, Royal
Board, Royals Nation) regularly, and sometimes post on
them. Ditto for the blogs, save for the posting of
course. I don't know if I have a favorite, but
probably Royals Authority would be the one I consider
the best, at least in terms of pure writing and
coverage. I'm sure Rany's new blog will eventually
blow many of us out of the water.

Is their such a thing as east coast bias, or do we use it mainly as a crutch ?

Eh, maybe a little. I think coverage is slanted to
where people live, for all kinds of obvious reasons,
and more people live in the Northeast. 8.6 million
people live in New Jersey and 3.5 live in Connecticut,
and those are just commuter or backyard states for
larger cities. If there is any bias, it is against
losing teams, which are boring. Look at Kansas hoops,
they seem to get plenty of love.

Most you've paid for a Royals hat?

I think I paid like $33 last year outside the Cell in
Chicago. I wanted to represent for KC ya know. Dumb
purchase, but a nice hat.

Could you outrun John Buck?

Depends on the distance. He could probably beat me
down the line, because they have to practice that
sprint. Anything longer, I could probably whip him.

Will you miss Johan Santana?
Yea, actually I will. He's one of those guys that you
always check the game he's pitching in, because
something historic could be happening.

Most annoying AL Central Team ?
Tough tough call. I'm going to think outside the box
and say the Twins.

Most annoying AL Central fans ?
I'm going to say Tigers fans, but can't say why. I've
spent much time around Sox and Indians fans, and don't
find much fault with them. Cleveland fans tend to be
very loyal, but they might be the least advanced fan
base in the league, in terms of sabermetrics and such.

Most annoying AL Central broadcastors?
This might be blasphemy, but I enjoy Hawk Harrelson.
Sometimes its ironic, sometimes its not. I don't take
him seriously at all, but I enjoy listening to him.
He'll say interesting non-cliche things, which is
nice, even if they are horribly wrong. And the last
two years have been golden. When the Sox are going
bad, he just gets depressed as hell, and will actually
be incredibly silent for long periods of time. I love

Least annoying AL Central fans?

The Royals fans, of course.

Least annoying AL Central broadcasters?
Our guys, of course. I really enjoy Cleveland's radio
guys too.

If you had a hot dog at the K what's on it?
Just mustard. But honestly, I probably wouldn't by
one. I'm a soda at the game, food after kinda guy.

Did we overpay for Guillien?
I wouldn't say Dayton did that exactly. The problem isn't
really the cost, its the fact that Guillen is supposed
to be a solution, when he isn't. I look at it this
way, if you're trying to plan a special dinner, say,
for an anniversary or something, you're better off
getting something cheap food-wise and then doing
something else, like dancing, or you should really go
to a *nice* place. Signing Guillen is like taking your
wife to Applebees, but then big dogging it because you
ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. I guess
what I am trying to say is: I'm not hardcore against
the deal, I just think it was pointless.

How long will Emil be an Athletic?
Maybe a season.

Most hated team ?

I might have to say Cubs at this point. Cubs or Red
Sox. The Yankees and Cardinals don't bother me.

Your choice Downtown or present location for stadium?

Its hard to say, because I love the K. A downtown
stadium might be nice, but it would inevitably not be
the K.

When will the Royals contend?
If they aren't contending by 2009, they won't with
this group.

Did you like the black alternate uniforms ?

No, not really. The Royals might as well red or
something. It makes as much sense.

You're pick who is the 4th and 5th starter?

This isn't a prediction, but more what I'd like to
see: Bale and Hochevar. So of course it will be JDLR
and Davies.

Finally Do you get enjoyment from your blog?
I do, but why exactly, I can't say.

And that concludes are interview with the brilliant mind behind the most recognizable Royals blog in my opion Royals Review. Yeah the best how's that taste Mr.Sam Mellinger ? I've got several others lined up to interview but Will was the first to accept seriously check him and his readers out. Even tho you probally already do. Don't you ?

Have a good night only 19 more days till Opening Day!