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Interview with Jeff of Royally Speaking

Below is an interview with Jeff of the cool blog Royally Speaking
you gotta check his blog out now
( er my bad after your done with mine of course)
Why are you a Royals fan ? Region, parents,Why ?

I was born and raised one hour north of Kauffman stadium so I'd say it's because of the region. My dad is a Royals fan but he also likes the Cardinals and I can't stand the Cardinals so I don't think I'm a fan because of him. Being born in 1971 I was around for all the good times in the 70's and 80's and as a kid its always easier to root for winning teams. And I'd have to say that Freddie Patek had a profound influence on me as well and when he went to California I also became an Angels fan, though not so much anymore. I was toying with the idea of putting Patek's name in my blog somehow but I couldn't come up with anything good.

Can you recall your 1st MLB game ?

Not at all, I was 4 or 5. First game that I remember was against the
Red Sox in 1979 and I was very upset that Patek didn't play. I was more upset about that than Royals losing that day. Of course if Freddie had played they probably would have won........

Your choice New-Downtown stadium or the K?

The K ....You can't beat that location plus I think downtown would pose too many logistical problems. The K has a classic style that has really held up well through the years and I can't wait til the renovations are finished.

If you get a hot dog at the K what's on it ?

I'm a simple guy so I just go with mustard and ketchup. One of these days I'm gonna hit the all you can eat seats and I guarantee you that someone will have to carry me out of there.

What blogs/boards do you visit the most ?

All of them, seriously. There are so many good writers blogging about the Royals it really is enjoyable to take a few minutes each day and check them all. In fact I'm almost embarrassed because I'm just an amateur writer and most of the time it really shows. As for the forums I mostly stick with Royals Nation and the scout board at Royals Corner. I used to really like the board at but certain posters there dominate every thread and pretty much just want to argue all the time.

Most You've Ever Paid for a Royals hat ?

About $25, long time ago. I can't say that I would pay that much now. Priorities changed after the kids came along. The last KC hat I bought I got for $5 at Wal-Mart.

When will the Royals contend ?

I think they start to contend next season. This year will be key in the development of their young guys but I think they take the next step and I can see them going on a nice second half run and taking that momentum into next season. 2009-2012 should be some fun times at the K.

Most annoying MLB broadcasters?

Gotta go with the Padres duo here. I guess after all the World Series they've won it's easy to look down on other teams. White Sox are a close 2nd.

Most annoying MLB team ?

The Red Sox. Yeah we get it, the curse is broken, now go away!

Most annoying MLB fans

White Sox fans easily.

Was it a huge mistake to let Riske go or will Mahay/Yabuta make us not even notice?

I think they will be fine. We only got to watch Riske for one season and it was one of his better years and in fact was his best since 2003 and his era was nearly a run lower than his career era of 3.40. So you really don't know what kind of season he would have given them this year. Ramon Ramirez looks like he could be the one to make us forget Riske.

Who hit's more HR's for the A's Sweeney or Emil?

I'll say Emil just because I think he will get more at bats. It really pains me to say that because I would love nothing more than for Sweeney to put up a .320/.380/.520 25 HR, 100 RBI season. But the A's have a bit of logjam at 1B/DH so that situation will cut into his at bats.

What would you say the state of Royals blogs and boards is?

It's amazing how dedicated the fan base of this franchise is when you consider all the losing seasons they've had to suffer through. New blogs pop up everyday and the forums are extremely active. I think Jack should get alot of the credit for the camaraderie among Royals bloggers because Royals Nation really puts all the blogs out there and when he finds a new one he posts about it.

Will you miss Johan Santana?

Will I miss watching KC scratch out a few hits every time they face him? Not so much. He is the best pitcher in baseball and he flat out owns KC. Goodbye Johan, enjoy dominating the National League.

Have you ever ran the base's after a Sunday home game ?

No. I wouldn't mind watching my kids do it but I would probably fall or something.

Alright I'll give you a name and you tell me what you think about them

David Glass?

He is starting to come around and I think he really wants this franchise to succeed. He has put the right man in charge and when you look at where the team is now compared to a few years ago it's like night and day. After the Meche & Guillen contracts and the offseason pursuits of Hunter & Jones I don't think you can call him cheap anymore.

Bud Selig?

It's time for him to go. The steroid era has forever tainted his legacy as commish. He has done a few things I like but the all-star game winner getting home field advantage in the WS is an absolute joke.

Again be sure and check out Royally Speaking the Royals blog of the week I believe this week. Great blog that recently had me on it.

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