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Interview with Jack Dempsey creator of Royals Nation

Below is an interview done with Jack Dempsey. Defiantly one of the brilliant minds around the Royals blogosphere. Creator of the awesome site Royals Nation which is an amusement park for Royals fans.
Why a Royals fan region, parents why ?

My great-grandfather played collegiate and Minor League baseball for the St. Louis Browns, and two of my uncles have been devout Royals fans since their inception in 1969. I remember my first Royals games as a child, but didn't begin to take a hardcore interest until roughly 1993 or so. After the strike, I swayed away from the game, but returned again in the late 1990's and never completely stopped following the Royals. One could say I was "born into fandom", but that fandom was combined with a local interest and intense interest in the game, period, not necessarily just the Royals. (Needless to say, the Royals will always be #1).

First Royals game ?

I vaguely remember attending Opening Day, 1991. It was a cold but sunny day, and with my parents and some the family, I sat on the third base side, maybe 20 rows away from the fence. I could be wrong about the date, but I know it was in the early 1990s.

Why did you start the awesome board Royals Nation ?

Basically, I'm a huge dork, and have been obsessed with reading the Internet blogs since the Royals' resurgence in 2003. I noticed that different boards catered to different types of fans, and I wanted to, in a way, unite that fanbase into one website. My intention was to organize and compile everything Royals-related, from news articles to blog entries to trade rumors to Minor League news to my own thoughts, into one website.

What gave you the idea for the cool P2C contest ? Any idea on this year's prize?

Basically, I wanted to operate open game threads as part of my website, assuming traffic (of course) picked up, which it did. The "Pick to click" contest was basically an inevitable part of those game threads. It would encourage participation among current posters, and hopefully encourage new members to sign up and participate! This year's prize will be at least as good as last year's (the gray David DeJesus t-shirt). Stay tuned!
(ROYALSonRADIOetc NOTE: You want to enter this thing, the DeJesus Tee is nice I know I won it. But what could be better then a FREE prize just for guessing the Royals Player of the game the most times durining the course of the year?)

We all know your stat crazy explain to us some of the weirder stats you use?

To be honest, I have learned much of my information from posters throughout the blogosphere, not from advanced websites like Baseball Prospectus and Bill James. I will say my greatest influences have been *free* (I credit posters like 'NYRoyal' on Royals Review and 'mtroyals' on R.N. and RoyalBoard as several influences in the stat department). My largest influence in a paid form is definitely Baseball Prospectus' Baseball Between The Numbers. I've always been a stat geek, not just with advanced stats like VORP and WARP3, but even wins, ERA, and batting average. If more advanced stats can more accurately depict a player's overall performance, then why not use it and abuse it? Because of cash restrictions, I have no B.P. subscription, B.A. subscription, and have never 'bought' a book from Bill James. Credibility destroyed?

Most you've paid for a Royals hat ?

To be honest, I don't even remember. For those who know me well, I look horrible in hats. Always have. I wear jerseys and jackets, but seldom wear a hat. I think the last Royals hat I bought was a visor (does that count?) before Spring Training, 2004.

If you got a hot dog at the K what's on it ?

Relish all the way!

You were a pitcher in HS what pitches did you have?

2-seam and 4-seam fastball, knuckle-curve, regular curveball my senior year, a star-change up, and slow curve (super rare). Sounds like a lot, but it was a simple repertoire.

Your choice new downtown stadium or the K ?

I would have to choose a downtown stadium. Obviously, that's hypothetical, and I understand so much politics surrounded the great "Vote of 2006", but look at the revival our downtown area has undergone in just the past three or so years. Also, a downtown ballpark would be closer to Kansas-area residents. With the recent resurgence of downtown ballparks in sports, it would have been an excellent fit.

Favorite Royals blogs/boards?

All of them (insert smiley face). Some boards I participate in frequently, such as Royals Review and Royal Board. Some boards I read often, such as Royals Authority and Royals Corner. Part of my 'job' entails compiling posts throughout the blogosphere, so I try to visit every blog every day! (insert another smiley face)

810 0r 610 AM ?

I will get crushed for this, but I would have to choose 810 AM. I once worked in the same building as the folks from 610 sports, and I know one extremely knowledgeable baseball fan (and I mean *extremely* knowledgeable), but maybe the fact that I've listened to 810 longer facilitates my personal bias toward that station.

Most annoying MLB team ?

St. Louis Cardinals or New York Yankees.

Most annoying MLB broadcasters?

Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan don't exactly make my Saturday and Sunday T.V. experiences any more worthwhile.

Most annoying MLB fans ? ( if answer is not an AL C team then also what ALC fans are the most annoying?)

Probably the St. Louis Cardinals fans, although my grandfather was a rabid Birds fan. In the American League Central, I would have to say the Twins fans, because of how often they flock to Kauffman Stadium with their annoyingly loud cheers and those ridiculous "Circle Me Bert" signs.

Who hit's more HR's for the A's Sweeney or Emil?

Emil Brown, because he will probably stay healthy longer.

Is their East coast bias or do we use it as a crutch ?

Yes, come on. I feel the east coast bias really only truly exists in baseball and basketball. In the NFL, cities such as Indianapolis, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Denver get a fair amount of media attention. Unfortunately, I think the bias coincides with the economic situations in MLB and (to a lesser extent) the NBA, which favors larger market teams, many of which exist on the east coast.

Who is better looking? Teahen or Gload

The ladies love Teahen, so I would go with him.

Favorite Drink from Sonic?

First off, great question! It would definitely be the famous slushes: raspberry, blueberry, or strawberry banana.

Was it a huge mistake to let Riske go or will Mahay/Yabuta make us not even notice?

I would have loved to retain Riske for two years, and it will be tough to duplicate his 2.45 ERA, but I think, considering we're a small-market franchise desperate for an organizational boost, we'll like the two extra draft picks in June. Mahay will likely prove serviceable (at least) and I'm expecting another reliever (Nunez?) to step up. Relievers are so volatile, anyway. When all is said and done, not retaining Riske will be a non-issue by 2009.

What would you say the state of Royals blogs and boards is ?

I'm in love with the Royals blogosphere. It's never been better, and it will continue to improve, as I believe the rest of the blogosphere (sports and non-sports) will.
And that was our interview with JD. Be sure and check out Royals Nation as during the year they have all kinds of games and such ie. Royals Survivor 2007, along with Royals Milb survivor, All-Time Royals Survivor, MLB managers survivor, MLB GM Survivor,etc. And lot's of other fun.
FYI I don't know if I'll get out a post Thursday as I'll be volunteering at the local food bank.

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  1. Nice interview, of course. I go back and forth with Jack quite often on the Royals, in some agreement and some disagreement. No matter what, he's very knowledgeable and deeply committed to the team.

    We don't get two picks for Riske. Just the one 1s after the first round concludes.