Monday, March 24, 2008

Interview with Ray of RoyalsonRadioetc

Hi I'll be interviewing myself just for fun and also to give you the readers a little bit more about myself.

Why are you a Royals fan? Were you born in the area or was it your parents?Why ?
You would ask wouldn't you a geez promise not to laugh. Ok here we go my grandparents and cousins are all St.Louis Cardinals fans I guess it could be rebellion maybe but my parents weren't into MLB so it wasn't a rebellion against them but and here's the funny part... The first time I remember being at a garage sale ever I got 2 shorts Cardinals and Royals the basic ST.L logo and Royals Crown logo. And I liked the blue ones and hated the red ones who knows why. I rooted for Kc when they were on tv but didn't really follow them. Then in 2003 I found the Royals on Radio and have been a media guide reading fan ever since. I started joining boards and blogs 1-31-06 when I joined the Royals Yahoo group.

When was you're first Royals game?
July of 2003 My grandpa wanted to take us to a MLB game but of course a Cardinals game so I begged and begged and finally I remember watching in the basement of our home mom purchase the tickets. I was so excited. At the game I was the only guy in our section with a Royals hat (my grandpa bought the hat for me there). Royals won 10-5 I belive Ken Harvey hit a HR and for that Kenneth Eugne will always be in my heart.
Side note my first game at the K was June 2004 Jimmy Gobble vs Johan Santana we lost 4-0 from that moment on I knew Santana was awesome.

Favorite blog or board?
RoyalonRadioetc you should check it out o wait you are my bad. Royals Nation and Royals Review I also love RoyallySpeaking and The Royal Tower. Basically if they are on my list over there> I read them plus many more

Most you've paid for a Royals hat?
$35 smackers It is a black hat with chrome on the side bought the last game of last year. I unlike Jack am a hat person one look and I knew I had to have it.

Could you outrun John Buck?
Of course not I'm not fast my brother could tho.
( Hey if I stole his wallet maybe I could beat him :) )

Will you miss Johan Santana?
Yeah he was my favorite non-Royal pitcher

Most annoying AL Central Team ?
White Sox by a large margin or if no one's looking White Sux

Most annoying AL Central fans ?
Tigers fans they just annoy me to death and we'll go outside the ALC and say Boston is worse with their stupid cowbells

Most annoying AL Central broadcasters?
I can't say I've heard them all but I'm yet to find one that doesn't annoy me. Even tho after watching WGN I'll sometimes catch myself saying "He gone"

Least annoying AL Central fans?
Indians fans

If you had a hot dog at the K what's on it?
Gates BBQ

Did we overpay for Guillien?

How long will Emil be an Athletic?
2 years

Most hated team ?
Yankees with Card right behind

Your choice Downtown or present location for stadium?
K all the way a Downtown stadium means I'd have to leave the house an hour earlier

When will the Royals contend?
Better be by 2009 I hope we contend this year

Have you ever ran the base's after a Sunday home game ?
Yes my mom makes me when we go

Royals record this year ?

Who is better looking Teahen or Gload?
Gotta go Gload he's looks more manly I think Teahen is kinda of ugly same as George Brett
(My email is in my profile George)

810 or 610?
810 all the way I love Petro and I think Neil and Marty on 610 are pathetic along with whatever that junk was this morning some Greek dude. Yeah 810

Favorite Drink from Sonic?
A Peach Coke. That's a coke with peach syrup it's my favorite and since happy hour 2-4 half priced drinks and slushes It's been really hard on my weight loss.

What would you say the overall state of Royals blogs and boards are?
A lot better after this one here came along.
For real there's tons of awesome Royals blogs and boards out there and not a bunch of bad ones but well done ones.

That concludes our interview with the best looking best blogger ever myself. Look for some real interviews (again) in the near future and remember only 7 days till OPENING DAY 2008*.
*unless some stupid idiot decided to play a game tomorrow at 5am in Japan that counts

For tomorrow's post look for: Why it sucks so much that the season opens in Japan at 5am that morning and maybe get a look at the steroids issue in baseball.

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  1. Hahaha, it entertains me that you interviewed yourself. If you are that hard-up for interview subjects, I'd be happy to step in! (Since, you know, Baseball and Other Things is such a MAJOR blog these days...or something)

    I think all of us should have to answer the question of why we are Royals fans, even if it comes down to whose merch is better looking.