Sunday, March 23, 2008

From Happy to sad

Talk about a range of emotions the Royals make a roster cut today I was so psyched because with each cut Opening Day is so much nearer the grass is so much greener the hot dogs are so much juicier etc. But today's was different the Royals optioned Luke Hochevar to AAA Omaha basicly opening the door to the top contender for the coveted,
*disclaimer can be more then one winner)

Past winners include but are not limited to A.Lopez, D.May ,M.Redman, J.Lima, C.George, S.Elarton( Wow after reading those names you get goose bumps don't you ? Come on admit it).

And that person is:

Brett Tomko
Go Tomko Go Tomko
I really wish Luke would have been giving the spot but instead back to old washed up men like always. Because that's how you win Championships by signing and starting has beens.
Only 8 More Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommorow baring news I interview myself !
Also if your a Royals blogger and you want to be interviewed or have your blog listed on my list just drop me a comment or shot me an email it's just that easy. Also please add my blog if you haven't already.

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