Monday, March 10, 2008


Winners by knockout the Kansas City Royals who over came a 2-0 deficit to come back and oust San Fran 15-6. (I know what your thinking: Don't you mean Chiefs and 49ers? The answer to that would be no the Chiefs can't score no 15 points you're crazy) Hideo Nomo made his 1st Spring Start one might think he would be our Hero of the game but nope. It belongs to
(He looks pretty happy but you would to if you just drove in 5 RBI's)
The team played well today with the exception of Carlos Rosa and Miguel Olivo was picked of 1st base. Everyone will be happy after a win like this let's hope they keep coming after March 30.
NOTES: Be sure and stop by The Dugout
Also when the season comes make sure your signed up to Royals Nation so you can do the P2C contest and win free stuff (ohhhh).
Barry Zito is yet to strikeout a batter this spring
The interviews with fellow bloggers is coming up as soon as I get all the questions lined up
Playing golf is bad for you just ask Jimmy Gobble
Mike Maroth has a edgy determination and work ethic and is willing go start the year at AAA

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