Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust
Ryan Braun has fallin back to AAA Omaha where he was optioned today. Braun has struggled in my mind during his time with the Big league club and I didn't think he had much of a chance guess I was right.

Nomo Mania It's Insane-ea
Well today Nomo was told no rotation for you. But he(Nomo) wouldn't take it he told Hillman:

I like the atmosphere very much, I like the coaching here very much, and I want to continue to compete, and if it's a bullpen role, that's fine with me,'" Hillman said.

So in essence we only lose a contender for the rotation so will Nomo make the team,
Their already talking about the possibility of fill in closer:

While he isn't looking at Nomo as a closer necessarily, the Royals manager didn't rule out the possibility of Nomo sliding into that spot on occasion. From time to time, a team's closer does need a day off, Hillman said.

Nomo, who declined to comment, could be that fill-in closer for Hillman.

So we got the 39 will be 40 year old Japan icon, Nomo-mania I vowed not to get caught up in it like all those who know nothing about baseball really I'm talking us bloggers defiantly but I've sorta fallen for Nomo-mania I guess.

Rotation Wars
So Nomo is gone. Maroth was injured and will start the year in AAA most likely. SO...........
With 2 spots remaining 4 worthy or not contenders,
4 SPOT LHP John Bale vs JDLR
5 SPOT ANYONE Brett Tomko vs Luke Hochevar
So let's take a look at the battles LHP edge Bale with 15 days left by quite a lot.
ANYONE SPOT Tomko is the favorite because we must always have an Elarton, Redman, Lima, or Tomko it's in the Royals book of must's written by David Glass and Alard Baird.

Spellcheck has informed me bloggers should be changed to floggers.

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