Friday, March 7, 2008

Another contender for the Royals Rotation ???

EDIT: 3-11-08 Ponson signe Milb with Rangers yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ( like reading the KC Star online)
Whoa have I got news for you seems like the good for nothing Cardinals gave Sidney Ponson (aka pondscum) a chance to throw off a bullpen mound. No big deal right oh wait just a minute:
So they where interested and had scouts their. Isn't that what scouts do scout players? No big deal I mean this is a type of story best saved for the rumor lovers at MLBTR. But then in the Notes: Greinke sees improvement there is this little bit:
The Royals were among several teams who sent scouts to watch Sidney Ponson in an open tryout on Thursday at the Cardinals' camp in Jupiter, Fla. Pat Jones, special assistant to general manager Dayton Moore, was there for the Royals.

"We're going to talk about it later today," Moore said. "If we did anything, it wouldn't be a Major League deal."

So are the Royals going to sign Sir Sidney? Maybe. If so maybe we should take a look at the 6'1" 260 pound dude from NOORD, Aruba. Who was a 1993 graduate of Maria College High School where he also played basketball and volleyball. and became the third Aruban native to play in the Majors.
Wait I'm getting something:
He touched 93-94 miles per hour on a radar gun and reported that he weighed 248 pounds, down from his most recent listed weight of 260.
So how'd you lose the weight Mr.Ponson ?
"I stopped eating ice cream," he said. "You go to rehab and they tell you, you're always going to substitute a habit with a different habit. Lucky me, I substituted alcohol with ice cream. I should have substituted with salad. It would have been much better."
What rehab? (I'm getting scared)
He was out of shape, his concentration wavered at times and he dealt with significant alcohol issues. Ponson's release from the Orioles came after an arrest for DUI in August of 2005. However, he said he's kicked alcohol abuse as well as recommitting himself to pitching.
Ok so he seems to be back on track how come Lindsey Lohan get's more attention for her DUI then SIR Sidney did?

Let's see what Denny Matthews said last year about Sidney:
When will teams realize this guy doesn't know how to pitch.

So we see that Sidney Alton Ponson has gotten back on track I mean he was 0-2 vs Odalis Perez and the Royals last year. We see he has a 82-101 W-L record (not very pretty) 4.94 a career ERA again thats not good. Oh but he's an innings eater he's pitched 200+ four times. ohh ahhh. So bottom line let's just hope that if we do sign him he won't make the team (hey at least we scouted Ponson right Nomo) but if he does let's sign Barry Bonds and some other bad boys and try to become the DA Raiders of baseball.

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