Saturday, March 15, 2008

6 more cut.

We are going downhill picking up speed ready to chug into Detroit and whip some Tigers. Only problem going to Detroit is uphill not down hill from Arizona so no snowball effect going for the Royals only John Daley. But in order for us to be ready for that game that comes in only 16 Days. We need to get down to 25 players. You know like the bride who already looks good but for the wedding has to drop some lbs in her mind. (Well yeah this is what happens on a rainy Saturday)
So let's look at the 6 deemed dead weight:

cOF Shane Costa
Was optioned down to AAA Omaha how sad that they would even consider a semi-prospect in Huber and Maier better or allow Gathright to make it because he's improved. No our AAAA boy Costa should have made it on Opening Day I mean I have fond memories of Costa. My first great pull from a package of bb cards. Shane Costa used team USA pants. I'll always treasure your pants Shane.

LHP Tyler Lumsden
The other guy in the Daniel Cortes-Mike MacDougal trade tha sent our closer to the White Sox for a top prospect and Lumsden. Oh wait Lumsden was the prospect and Cortes was the ok I got it. But then Cortes did something about it and is our team's #3 prospect according to The Royal Tower. While the guy we're talking about is #14 because he didn't do anything about it. Got it I know it is confusing.

INF's Angel Shancez and Mario Lisson
Shancez has been in the big leagues before Tommy John last year Lisson hasn't I doubt we see them in Kansas City this year as they were optioned to AA Northwest Arkansas If you want to know more here's a link to Google.

RHP Carlos Rosa
He's got some great stuff just didn't show it in spring training he'll start out the year along side Shancez and Lisson.

RHP Brian Lawerence
Trying to make a comeback like Nomo and Chan Ho Park(LAD) and Mike Maroth and Brian Anderson(retired) etc. But he didn't and was sent to milb camp and if he stays will be the same guy Wayne Franklin was last year a washed up old veteran in AAA.

There's a look at your 6 roster cuts to bring us down to 44. Only 19 more to go ! I'm going to run now and do something anything. Might get satellite Internet. Possible ending the blogs run as one of maybe a few maybe the only Royals blog on dial-up. In fact the speed right now is 41.2 Kbps which is very high as the average is 36.
Don't forget that Nomo-Mania is starting today for KC against the only team made from barley in the Majors. It's game.......... I forgot but you know my stance on ST. If you've read all this I'm proud because I'm really bored right now. Hope to have a better post soon.
Bye Bye
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