Saturday, March 29, 2008

Game 1 Opening Day

Starting Lineups KC
CF DeJesus
2B Grudzielanek
3B Gordon
RF Guillen
DH Butler
LF Teahen
1B Gload
C Buck
SS Peña

And Starter GIL MECHE !!!!!!!!
Boy I'm so excited

Cool Prizes

Ok so I was thinking while I took a shower and came up with a great one.
I'll post a game thread here on the site. Now don't trash it up with "game" comments you wanna do that go to Royals Review but here on my game you will post a comment and in that comment pick a position player from the Royals hopefully a starter but you may put up to 2 others if I want Butler I'd write Butler/Gordon/DeJesus
Butler would be the first choice if he didn't start then it would go to Gordon and so on.
Pick a player before each game and here's how we play if you pick Butler and he goes 2-5 with 1 HR and 3 RBI then the next night you pick DeJesus and he goes 0-5 with a K. Your season stats would be AVG .200 HR 1 RBI 3 BB 0 K 1.
Got it?
Any questions please ask.
You must wait 2 turns till you can pick the same player IE you pick Gordon then the next night you have 8 to choose from then 7 then back to 8 players.
I will have a prize for the best overall player(person) as I choose and maybe smaller prize if you win a stat category.
STATS are Hits AVG HR RBI SB BB will also keep SO but you don't want to win that.
Sound like fun? Game thread 1 is above.

Interview with Jeff of Royally Speaking

Below is an interview with Jeff of the cool blog Royally Speaking
you gotta check his blog out now
( er my bad after your done with mine of course)
Why are you a Royals fan ? Region, parents,Why ?

I was born and raised one hour north of Kauffman stadium so I'd say it's because of the region. My dad is a Royals fan but he also likes the Cardinals and I can't stand the Cardinals so I don't think I'm a fan because of him. Being born in 1971 I was around for all the good times in the 70's and 80's and as a kid its always easier to root for winning teams. And I'd have to say that Freddie Patek had a profound influence on me as well and when he went to California I also became an Angels fan, though not so much anymore. I was toying with the idea of putting Patek's name in my blog somehow but I couldn't come up with anything good.

Can you recall your 1st MLB game ?

Not at all, I was 4 or 5. First game that I remember was against the
Red Sox in 1979 and I was very upset that Patek didn't play. I was more upset about that than Royals losing that day. Of course if Freddie had played they probably would have won........

Your choice New-Downtown stadium or the K?

The K ....You can't beat that location plus I think downtown would pose too many logistical problems. The K has a classic style that has really held up well through the years and I can't wait til the renovations are finished.

If you get a hot dog at the K what's on it ?

I'm a simple guy so I just go with mustard and ketchup. One of these days I'm gonna hit the all you can eat seats and I guarantee you that someone will have to carry me out of there.

What blogs/boards do you visit the most ?

All of them, seriously. There are so many good writers blogging about the Royals it really is enjoyable to take a few minutes each day and check them all. In fact I'm almost embarrassed because I'm just an amateur writer and most of the time it really shows. As for the forums I mostly stick with Royals Nation and the scout board at Royals Corner. I used to really like the board at but certain posters there dominate every thread and pretty much just want to argue all the time.

Most You've Ever Paid for a Royals hat ?

About $25, long time ago. I can't say that I would pay that much now. Priorities changed after the kids came along. The last KC hat I bought I got for $5 at Wal-Mart.

When will the Royals contend ?

I think they start to contend next season. This year will be key in the development of their young guys but I think they take the next step and I can see them going on a nice second half run and taking that momentum into next season. 2009-2012 should be some fun times at the K.

Most annoying MLB broadcasters?

Gotta go with the Padres duo here. I guess after all the World Series they've won it's easy to look down on other teams. White Sox are a close 2nd.

Most annoying MLB team ?

The Red Sox. Yeah we get it, the curse is broken, now go away!

Most annoying MLB fans

White Sox fans easily.

Was it a huge mistake to let Riske go or will Mahay/Yabuta make us not even notice?

I think they will be fine. We only got to watch Riske for one season and it was one of his better years and in fact was his best since 2003 and his era was nearly a run lower than his career era of 3.40. So you really don't know what kind of season he would have given them this year. Ramon Ramirez looks like he could be the one to make us forget Riske.

Who hit's more HR's for the A's Sweeney or Emil?

I'll say Emil just because I think he will get more at bats. It really pains me to say that because I would love nothing more than for Sweeney to put up a .320/.380/.520 25 HR, 100 RBI season. But the A's have a bit of logjam at 1B/DH so that situation will cut into his at bats.

What would you say the state of Royals blogs and boards is?

It's amazing how dedicated the fan base of this franchise is when you consider all the losing seasons they've had to suffer through. New blogs pop up everyday and the forums are extremely active. I think Jack should get alot of the credit for the camaraderie among Royals bloggers because Royals Nation really puts all the blogs out there and when he finds a new one he posts about it.

Will you miss Johan Santana?

Will I miss watching KC scratch out a few hits every time they face him? Not so much. He is the best pitcher in baseball and he flat out owns KC. Goodbye Johan, enjoy dominating the National League.

Have you ever ran the base's after a Sunday home game ?

No. I wouldn't mind watching my kids do it but I would probably fall or something.

Alright I'll give you a name and you tell me what you think about them

David Glass?

He is starting to come around and I think he really wants this franchise to succeed. He has put the right man in charge and when you look at where the team is now compared to a few years ago it's like night and day. After the Meche & Guillen contracts and the offseason pursuits of Hunter & Jones I don't think you can call him cheap anymore.

Bud Selig?

It's time for him to go. The steroid era has forever tainted his legacy as commish. He has done a few things I like but the all-star game winner getting home field advantage in the WS is an absolute joke.

Again be sure and check out Royally Speaking the Royals blog of the week I believe this week. Great blog that recently had me on it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Interview with Minda of Baseball and other things

Below is an interview done with Minda of the blog Baseball and other things.
5th in the series of interviews
Enjoy RoyalsonRadioetc.

Why are you a Royals fan ? Parents, region ? Why?

I absolutely love this question, and think every Royals fan should answer it, even if the answer isn't very exciting. My reason sure isn't. Both of my parents were Royals fans from the beginning -- before they met each other, they happened to be KC fans, even though both were from eastern Nebraska and really didn't have huge ties to the KC area at all. I also have three older brothers whom I've always adored, and they were Royals fans so I wanted to be one too. I always loved listening to Denny and Fred, and wanted to do their job someday too. At some point in high school, my casual but steady fandom grew into the horribly unhealthy obsession it is today.

When was your 1st Royals or MLB game ?

I'm actually not sure when my first Royals game was, but I know my first MLB game was a Cubbies home game when I was 3. My family rarely got to take trips anywhere, so that vacation was a memorable one. That game is among my first memories, but sadly I don't remember much about the actual baseball. I do, however, remember such important details as the color of the bathroom walls. Some friends of ours arranged it so that Harry Caray would welcome our family over the PA, as if we were of some importance. So there were welcomes to all these big groups, Boy Scout troops, corporate outings, that kind of thing, and then a big welcome to the Haas family from Nebraska.

If you got a hot dog at the K what would you put on it?

Either ketchup, or nothing at all. If I get drinks in addition to the dog, I leave it plain so I don't have to juggle the drink(s), the dog, and its wrapper during the ketchup-application process. Oddly enough, I don't root for ketchup in the HDD, but that might be another bad story for another time.

Who do you root for then ?

Mustard. I usually go to games with one or two of my older brothers, to whom I'm very close. One of them roots for ketchup, and the other for relish. I didn't want to choose sides, so I went for mustard.
Oh, and we get very very animated about our choices during the race. There have been games where my brother Brad will sit pretty quietly the whole game, then scream his lungs out for the Hot Dog Derby. "No ketchup, pace yourself! Pace yourself, come on now buddy, that's it! Everybody knows Relish is a juicer..." That kind of stuff. It's ridiculous, and a bit over-the-top, but it's a proud tradition of ours, all the same.

Most You've Ever Paid for a Royals hat ?

Not a whole lot; I'm really big on the free ones. When I was younger, my Little League team was the Royals 2 years in a row, so I got KC hats that way, and I have a lot of the promotional giveaway hats all over the place. I think I did buy one once for around $20, though.

Your choice New-Downtown stadium or the K?

I am all about The K. It's such a point of pride for so many Royals fans. I love how ahead of its time it was. It might have been tempting to build a hideous, multi-purpose stadium like all the cool kids were doing, but instead we have a beautiful, timeless design that allows room for improvement but is also fabulous the way it is. It's one of my favorite places in the world to be, whether the game is good or not (often, the games I've been to don't turn out well), I still enjoy myself simply because I am within the confines of The K.

Most annoying AL Central fans?

In general, I try not to hate on fans of other teams. I mean, what fun would being a Royals fan be if there weren't people who were equally passionate about other teams? Without people being fans of teams I hate, there would be no great rivalries, and rivalries make the world go 'round.
...That said, I can't stand White Sox fans

Most annoying MLB broadcasters?

White Sox guys on WGN, hands down. They take awful to inspiring new heights.

When will the Royals contend?

I would love to be all cheery/optimistic and say "This year!" but I don't think that's realistic. It might not be totally crazy to think we could contend in 2009, bu I'm going to shoot for 2010 for sure.

Was it a huge mistake to let Riske go or will Mahay/Yabuta make us not even notice?

A little bit of both. I think Mahay and Yabuta can sort of hold things together, but you can bet that every time either of them pitches imperfectly, people will loudly bemoan Riske's absence. On some level, I'd like to say that I would have done a lot more to retain Riske, but then again I have no way of knowing how much was actually done to keep him. Maybe Moore really did try, but things just worked out better for David with Milwaukee (which I still can't spell).

Who hit's more HR's for the A's Sweeney or Emil?

I have to defend the Best Friend here (that would be Sweeney, for those of you keeping score at home). I think this is Mike's year to be healthy for a full season, so unless the A's have a logjam at DH, he'll hit a lot more than Emil does. Heck, even if Sweeney can only get in 85-95 games, he could hit more than Brown does.

Who is better looking? Teahen or Gload

Oh man, I could make these comparisons all day. (Well, not really, but whatever). I don't think Teahen is terribly handsome in an I-want-to-be-Mrs.-Teahen-for-one-hot-night kind of way, he's more of an "Awwww, shucks!" cute type. Gload's definitely not bad. Neither of them hold a candle to DeJesus; he's the best looking man I've ever seen in my life. I could go on, but...well, that might be awkward.
Yes Please don't I'm better looking then DeJesus anyway :) OK Why should anyone go to an O-Royals game ?

Ha, dream on. Nobody's better looking than DDJ. :)
Oh, there are so many reasons to go to O-Royals games; this is an easy one! Last year, the AAA boys gave the home fans a lot of drama, taking 10 home games into extra innings (and winning 8 of those -- five on walk-off home runs!) on their way to a home record of 45-27. Really, the pitching staff had a lot of glory moments too. I remember being really REALLY excited one night because Billy Buckner had come extremely close to pitching a complete-game shutout (he left after 8.1 innings) where he only walked like one batter. Just awesome stuff. Then the very next night, Ben Hendrickson did pitch a complete-game shutout, and didn't walk anybody. It was astounding; excellent stuff for anyone who loves watching good pitchers. I'm hoping for more of that this year.

And of course, there are the ever-so-sexy promotions girls (me), and all the amazing giveaways. And really, really, really good food. Just today, I found out that Famous Dave's is returning to Rosenblatt Stadium, and there are going to be a lot of other great concessions and entertainment options this season. And...dollar beer night. You really can't beat Thirsty Thursdays at Rosenblatt Stadium. I'm not just saying these things because I work for the O-Royals. Spending last summer there was the most fun I've ever had; there are a lot of really great baseball people around those parts, and becoming familiar with Minor League faces really made me a better fan of the Major League club.

What blogs/boards do you visit the most ?

I go through a pretty rigorous daily reading regimen, to keep me in shape for any Royals discussion that may come my way. Joe Posnanski is my favorite writer, so his blog is always first. After that, I make sure to hit Ball Star and Rany on the Royals. Then I pretty much just run down the blogroll at the Royals Nation message boards (which I also keep tabs on several times a day, along with RoyalBoard, and of course the team website and everything at the KC Star site). It's a lot of time to spend staring at my monitor all day, but it's been keeping me warm through these depressing winter months.

Alright I'll give you a name and you tell me what you think about them

Bud Selig?

He has done a lot of boneheaded things, sure, but he's not The Great Evil by any means. He certainly has brought a lot of money and new fans into baseball, and I think he's finally getting his ducks in a row by somewhat dealing with the whole steroids monster. Did he let steroids go on too long? Yes. But if he can manage to make some changes -- even if they are somewhat superficial and PR-ish -- he can save a lot of face. He could take some face-saving lessons from Andy Pettitte for sure.

Dayton Moore?

Is it bad that the first words that popped into my head were "my personal lord and savior"? I wouldn't actually take it that far, but I do think Moore is an absolute genius, and I'm thrilled that he is our GM. As much as I hate the long winter months, a Dayton Moore offseason is pretty exciting. You never know who he's going to dig up, that could turn into a star.

Alaird Baird ?

I'm glad he's gone, but I do feel bad about the way his departure was handled. Nobody should have to the last to know they've been fired.

David Glass ?

My heart has softened toward David Glass in the last few years. I used to hate him -- I mean, the very mention of his name would make a dark cloud come over my usually cheerful face -- but I think that he's slowly figuring out how to be a non-hated owner, and operate a non-losing franchise. It's unfortunate that he kept the Wal-Mart philosophy (garbagey products, sky-high personal profit) for so long, but I'm willing to forgive if there is actually significant change for the better.

Will you miss Johan Santana ?

In a way, it's a relief to not have Santana in the Central anymore, but I love watching good pitching, so in that respect it's sad because I do not generally watch as many Mets games as I do Twins. Also, I have a weird thing where I like being in a high-quality division like the AL Central, even if my team is at or near its bottom. It would suck to be in a crappy division, because where's the valor in winning one of those? But if the Royals step up and contend within a strong division, that's a much bigger point of pride.

Have you ever ran the base's after a Sunday home game ?

I don't think I have actually run the bases, not at the K. I have done it at Omaha games, though. We didn't go to a lot of games when I was of Fun Running age, because I grew up in a town that was a 9 (or more, I don't was boring though) hour drive from KC. Now I almost feel like I'm too old, but you can bet when I have kids I will use them as a handy excuse to go run the bases myself!

Be sure and check out Minda's blog Baseball and other things.
Tell next time RoyalsonRadioetc signing off.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

News of the day

Brian Lawerence was released today not that really matters at all unless your an O-Royals fan then that was big news I guess.
Jorge De la Rosa was DFA'd I'm sad to see him go to tell you the truth I could be the only Royals blogger who thinks that letting JDLR go was a mistake. He was only 26 and had tons of talent but he couldn't always control that talent.
( ^Just another reason to read this blog you know:

: What are you doing Johnny?
Johnny: I'm checking out this freak Ray W of RoyalsonRadioetc.
MOM: Turn it off it will rot out your brain with all this JDLR junk
(MOM turns it off)
Johnny: Bunch of junk anyway your right mom
MOM: Come Johnny let's get some Ice Cream and talk about REAL Royals blogs)

Okay that was weird........ back to the news I guess not quite sure what to do after that.
Ramon Ramirez was acquired by the Royals for a PTBNL he will make the bullpen which should push Nomo out of the bullpen even though Hillman said he will accompany the Royals to Milwaukee.
Ken Huckaby was sent to minor league camp along with Roman Colon (didn't hear much from him this spring) and C.Tsao ( like I can spell his first name pl-ease).
Huber a favorite of Royals bloggers with thier Free Huber chants well he was freed let me tell you that. Personally I think we never should have traded for him we should have stuck with Jose Batista. Oh and it was only for a PTBNL.
DeJesus is injured and all theese moves ruined my awesome post that was coming about former Royals farmhand Brian Bass who looks to be the Twins 12th man on their pitching staff.
Speaking of former Royals Emil Brown hit a Homer he looks like he'll have a great year why you ask? Because he's not a Royal anymore.

I'll be getting satellite Internet Monday so my posts should get better
Only 5 days till Opening Day
Your 2008 Rotation ( I think)

Good Night or Morning or Afternoon or Noon

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Steriods and Japan

2 Segments in 1 post ( It's what you've got to do to be Royals Blog of the week)
Segment one
Steve Stewart mentioned in Mitchell Report
by Ray W

Ok so maybe not but hey the guy admits it on his blog :
I took...Prednisone....'s a... steroid....the doctor told me it would shrink my vocal chords...and help me start talking that much more quickly. You see, I didn't take the steroid pills to gain a competitive advantage over my fellow broadcasters, I just took them to help me recover from injury faster...I just wanted to get back in the booth to help my teammates.

So you the reader must ask yourself these questions,
Is this Doctor a former employee of Balco? ???
Does this give Steve a unfair advantage ?
Is it ok just because he needs to come back quickly ? No and here's why look at the rest of the announcers throughout time the Hall Of Fame ones did they use roids to advance there career no I know many broadcasters who got laryngitis and that ended there career you see not everyone gets a second chance.
Ok here's another quote from Steve:
Hopefully no fine or suspension will be forthcoming

Exactly the last thing we need is for Guillien, Olivo, and Stewart

Steve (Roids) Stewart

Here's hoping for a fast recovery Steve.
Segment 2
(Red Sox prevail over Athletics in 10 innings for season opener)

Translated From this article on


東京 -- Loganville、Gaからの24の歳の外野の見通しは極東に。、彼の最初メジャーリーグのホームランを協力させるためにずっと移動しなければならなかった。 但し、タイミングは完全の急に何もではなかったし、衝突はクラッチの定義だった。

実際は、それは率直な物語の本の原料だった。 Brandonのコケ -- だれが火曜日のA's上の6-5勝利へRed Soxを推進することを傷つけるか -- 一般公開日に遊ぶために仮定されなかった。 しかしJ.D.が引いたときに時間のより低い背部堅さ導くことはゲームとまで、テリーFranconaコケに回ったRed Soxのマネージャー来た。

子供は4.でゲームを結ぶために運動競技の右分野の壁上のより近いHustonの通りからの2-2ピッチを強くぶつける第9イニングで答えた。 そして彼の印象的なキャリアで無数のビッグヒットがあったMannyラミレスは別のものを加え、前部に硫素化合物を永久に置くためにtwo-out、第 10の上の右中心への2点タイムリー二塁打をひもで締める。

ラミレスはまたコケがまたそれで大きい第6上がった2.で硫素化合物に夜の最初鉛を与えたオークランドの始動機ジョーBlantonに対してゲームを結ん だ六番目で2点タイムリー二塁打をばたんと閉めるゲームから去り先に聞かれ、two-out RBIを選抜するロープをかける。

しかし誇張表現の衝突のそのビットはオークランドのジャックHannahanが六番目の底にだれもを持つKyle Snyderに対して右にツーラン・ホームランにベルトを付けなかったときに相殺された。


ゲームに入って来る物語はDaisuke Matsuzakaの祝われた帰郷だった。 しかしボストン右腕投手は確かに彼がイニングの彼の最初カップルの東京ドームで背部であることの慰めを楽しんでいたように見なかった。 実際は、30のための彼働くA'sは第1参加する。 印Ellisのオークランドの第2打者は、それに1-0を作るためにソロホームランの左中心にベルトを付けた。 2つの歩行のおかげでおよび衝突ねり粉、Matsuzakaは位置にボビーCrosbyの外野手選択のゴロの別の操業を手渡すために彼自身を置いた。

後でイニングは、Matsuzaka再度混乱のビットであり、2つの出口と基盤に荷を積むために単一および2つの歩行をあきらめる。 しかし彼は彼が必要としたピッチを作り、無傷のそれから出るためにジャックCustを打つ。

Matsuzaka (5イニング、2つの衝突、2つの操業、5つの歩行、6つのストライクアウト、95のピッチ)がきちんと落ち着く間、最後のRed Soxは六番目の上のBlantonに得た。


Wow that was fun to read wasn't it! Almost as fun as watching the game at 5AM this morning. O and wait that game counted in the standings. Are you kidding me this is pathetic, ridiculous, stupid, etc etc etc etc. Come on people this is the equivalent of playing the Japanese World Series in Boston. I blame Bud Selig and who ever else helped this crap become reality. I would have no problem if this were just another exhibition game. Heck I wouldn't have that much of a problem if it were 3 weeks into the season but the SEASON OPENER!!!! This takes away from the Oakland fans the Red Sox fans and basically American fans in general.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Interview with Ray of RoyalsonRadioetc

Hi I'll be interviewing myself just for fun and also to give you the readers a little bit more about myself.

Why are you a Royals fan? Were you born in the area or was it your parents?Why ?
You would ask wouldn't you a geez promise not to laugh. Ok here we go my grandparents and cousins are all St.Louis Cardinals fans I guess it could be rebellion maybe but my parents weren't into MLB so it wasn't a rebellion against them but and here's the funny part... The first time I remember being at a garage sale ever I got 2 shorts Cardinals and Royals the basic ST.L logo and Royals Crown logo. And I liked the blue ones and hated the red ones who knows why. I rooted for Kc when they were on tv but didn't really follow them. Then in 2003 I found the Royals on Radio and have been a media guide reading fan ever since. I started joining boards and blogs 1-31-06 when I joined the Royals Yahoo group.

When was you're first Royals game?
July of 2003 My grandpa wanted to take us to a MLB game but of course a Cardinals game so I begged and begged and finally I remember watching in the basement of our home mom purchase the tickets. I was so excited. At the game I was the only guy in our section with a Royals hat (my grandpa bought the hat for me there). Royals won 10-5 I belive Ken Harvey hit a HR and for that Kenneth Eugne will always be in my heart.
Side note my first game at the K was June 2004 Jimmy Gobble vs Johan Santana we lost 4-0 from that moment on I knew Santana was awesome.

Favorite blog or board?
RoyalonRadioetc you should check it out o wait you are my bad. Royals Nation and Royals Review I also love RoyallySpeaking and The Royal Tower. Basically if they are on my list over there> I read them plus many more

Most you've paid for a Royals hat?
$35 smackers It is a black hat with chrome on the side bought the last game of last year. I unlike Jack am a hat person one look and I knew I had to have it.

Could you outrun John Buck?
Of course not I'm not fast my brother could tho.
( Hey if I stole his wallet maybe I could beat him :) )

Will you miss Johan Santana?
Yeah he was my favorite non-Royal pitcher

Most annoying AL Central Team ?
White Sox by a large margin or if no one's looking White Sux

Most annoying AL Central fans ?
Tigers fans they just annoy me to death and we'll go outside the ALC and say Boston is worse with their stupid cowbells

Most annoying AL Central broadcasters?
I can't say I've heard them all but I'm yet to find one that doesn't annoy me. Even tho after watching WGN I'll sometimes catch myself saying "He gone"

Least annoying AL Central fans?
Indians fans

If you had a hot dog at the K what's on it?
Gates BBQ

Did we overpay for Guillien?

How long will Emil be an Athletic?
2 years

Most hated team ?
Yankees with Card right behind

Your choice Downtown or present location for stadium?
K all the way a Downtown stadium means I'd have to leave the house an hour earlier

When will the Royals contend?
Better be by 2009 I hope we contend this year

Have you ever ran the base's after a Sunday home game ?
Yes my mom makes me when we go

Royals record this year ?

Who is better looking Teahen or Gload?
Gotta go Gload he's looks more manly I think Teahen is kinda of ugly same as George Brett
(My email is in my profile George)

810 or 610?
810 all the way I love Petro and I think Neil and Marty on 610 are pathetic along with whatever that junk was this morning some Greek dude. Yeah 810

Favorite Drink from Sonic?
A Peach Coke. That's a coke with peach syrup it's my favorite and since happy hour 2-4 half priced drinks and slushes It's been really hard on my weight loss.

What would you say the overall state of Royals blogs and boards are?
A lot better after this one here came along.
For real there's tons of awesome Royals blogs and boards out there and not a bunch of bad ones but well done ones.

That concludes our interview with the best looking best blogger ever myself. Look for some real interviews (again) in the near future and remember only 7 days till OPENING DAY 2008*.
*unless some stupid idiot decided to play a game tomorrow at 5am in Japan that counts

For tomorrow's post look for: Why it sucks so much that the season opens in Japan at 5am that morning and maybe get a look at the steroids issue in baseball.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

From Happy to sad

Talk about a range of emotions the Royals make a roster cut today I was so psyched because with each cut Opening Day is so much nearer the grass is so much greener the hot dogs are so much juicier etc. But today's was different the Royals optioned Luke Hochevar to AAA Omaha basicly opening the door to the top contender for the coveted,
*disclaimer can be more then one winner)

Past winners include but are not limited to A.Lopez, D.May ,M.Redman, J.Lima, C.George, S.Elarton( Wow after reading those names you get goose bumps don't you ? Come on admit it).

And that person is:

Brett Tomko
Go Tomko Go Tomko
I really wish Luke would have been giving the spot but instead back to old washed up men like always. Because that's how you win Championships by signing and starting has beens.
Only 8 More Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommorow baring news I interview myself !
Also if your a Royals blogger and you want to be interviewed or have your blog listed on my list just drop me a comment or shot me an email it's just that easy. Also please add my blog if you haven't already.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nomo oulasts Bartolo Plus 2 old Royals Updates

A little noticed fact was that on March 19 2008 Boston Red Sox assigned RHP Bartolo Colon to
their Minor League camp. Do you know what that means???

Hideo Nomo the guy Moore didn't even bother scouting the 39 who will be 40 years old before seasons end who dosen't even throw a knuckleball outlasted a major rumor getter in Black Bart.
Hat's of to Dayton who didn't even bother to scout Nomo nope he just faxed a Milb contract to Nomo that read "Free Vacation and the chance to help a friend named Yabuta".
Nomo shows up (along with the Japanese media) and right of the bat we hear he's overweight he's out of shape he stinks etc. But now he's outlasted Bartolo Colon and is fighting, fighting for a bullpen spot. So there's a feel good story. I guess ?.

Also while browsing the transactions I found March 20 2008:
Washington Nationals Purchased the contract of LHP Odalis Perez
Your Nationals Opening Day Starter ??

Also while we're at it Sween-Dawg looks like he'll make the A's RoyalsonRadioetc wishes him the best except when he plays the Royals then we wish him 0-4 4K. And yes I'll leave up my Sweeney poster for now but when we play the A's I'll take it down till the series is over. Strange to see


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wow !

I'm telling you I'm done with this whole Royals blogging thing I blast Sam Mellinger I get an email I blast Steve Stewart I get an email. Wow. unfortunately for you the readers I've learned my lesson my next post will have very little Royals content but will have lot's of Bill Gates ripping just FYI.
Just kidding !!!
Here's what Steve said:
I apolgize for the laryngitis talk. But because people are constantly tuning in and out, and since I'm new and a lot of people haven't heard me, I wanted them to know why I didn't sound like me. I realize that can get old if you're listening for a longer period of time.

Thanks for the note Steve.
Now on to the news:
David Glass wins an award (prize) other then "Worst Owner in MLB" read more here

Nomo has strong pen debut I tell you he's made it farther then I every thought he would personally I thought he'd be one of they first cut.

Tomko was good ( not including the 5H 3R 2ER in only 4IP nope don't count that or that his spring ERA is a whopping 8.59) according to KC

I worked at the food pantry yesterday and injured my finger on gravy the only other injury I'd ever suffer before was on biscuits ( I'm seeing a trend).

Most important news only 10 days till Opening Day and REAL games !!!!
Editors NOTE: Since Opening Day is a holiday it must be capitalized thank you

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interview with Jack Dempsey creator of Royals Nation

Below is an interview done with Jack Dempsey. Defiantly one of the brilliant minds around the Royals blogosphere. Creator of the awesome site Royals Nation which is an amusement park for Royals fans.
Why a Royals fan region, parents why ?

My great-grandfather played collegiate and Minor League baseball for the St. Louis Browns, and two of my uncles have been devout Royals fans since their inception in 1969. I remember my first Royals games as a child, but didn't begin to take a hardcore interest until roughly 1993 or so. After the strike, I swayed away from the game, but returned again in the late 1990's and never completely stopped following the Royals. One could say I was "born into fandom", but that fandom was combined with a local interest and intense interest in the game, period, not necessarily just the Royals. (Needless to say, the Royals will always be #1).

First Royals game ?

I vaguely remember attending Opening Day, 1991. It was a cold but sunny day, and with my parents and some the family, I sat on the third base side, maybe 20 rows away from the fence. I could be wrong about the date, but I know it was in the early 1990s.

Why did you start the awesome board Royals Nation ?

Basically, I'm a huge dork, and have been obsessed with reading the Internet blogs since the Royals' resurgence in 2003. I noticed that different boards catered to different types of fans, and I wanted to, in a way, unite that fanbase into one website. My intention was to organize and compile everything Royals-related, from news articles to blog entries to trade rumors to Minor League news to my own thoughts, into one website.

What gave you the idea for the cool P2C contest ? Any idea on this year's prize?

Basically, I wanted to operate open game threads as part of my website, assuming traffic (of course) picked up, which it did. The "Pick to click" contest was basically an inevitable part of those game threads. It would encourage participation among current posters, and hopefully encourage new members to sign up and participate! This year's prize will be at least as good as last year's (the gray David DeJesus t-shirt). Stay tuned!
(ROYALSonRADIOetc NOTE: You want to enter this thing, the DeJesus Tee is nice I know I won it. But what could be better then a FREE prize just for guessing the Royals Player of the game the most times durining the course of the year?)

We all know your stat crazy explain to us some of the weirder stats you use?

To be honest, I have learned much of my information from posters throughout the blogosphere, not from advanced websites like Baseball Prospectus and Bill James. I will say my greatest influences have been *free* (I credit posters like 'NYRoyal' on Royals Review and 'mtroyals' on R.N. and RoyalBoard as several influences in the stat department). My largest influence in a paid form is definitely Baseball Prospectus' Baseball Between The Numbers. I've always been a stat geek, not just with advanced stats like VORP and WARP3, but even wins, ERA, and batting average. If more advanced stats can more accurately depict a player's overall performance, then why not use it and abuse it? Because of cash restrictions, I have no B.P. subscription, B.A. subscription, and have never 'bought' a book from Bill James. Credibility destroyed?

Most you've paid for a Royals hat ?

To be honest, I don't even remember. For those who know me well, I look horrible in hats. Always have. I wear jerseys and jackets, but seldom wear a hat. I think the last Royals hat I bought was a visor (does that count?) before Spring Training, 2004.

If you got a hot dog at the K what's on it ?

Relish all the way!

You were a pitcher in HS what pitches did you have?

2-seam and 4-seam fastball, knuckle-curve, regular curveball my senior year, a star-change up, and slow curve (super rare). Sounds like a lot, but it was a simple repertoire.

Your choice new downtown stadium or the K ?

I would have to choose a downtown stadium. Obviously, that's hypothetical, and I understand so much politics surrounded the great "Vote of 2006", but look at the revival our downtown area has undergone in just the past three or so years. Also, a downtown ballpark would be closer to Kansas-area residents. With the recent resurgence of downtown ballparks in sports, it would have been an excellent fit.

Favorite Royals blogs/boards?

All of them (insert smiley face). Some boards I participate in frequently, such as Royals Review and Royal Board. Some boards I read often, such as Royals Authority and Royals Corner. Part of my 'job' entails compiling posts throughout the blogosphere, so I try to visit every blog every day! (insert another smiley face)

810 0r 610 AM ?

I will get crushed for this, but I would have to choose 810 AM. I once worked in the same building as the folks from 610 sports, and I know one extremely knowledgeable baseball fan (and I mean *extremely* knowledgeable), but maybe the fact that I've listened to 810 longer facilitates my personal bias toward that station.

Most annoying MLB team ?

St. Louis Cardinals or New York Yankees.

Most annoying MLB broadcasters?

Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan don't exactly make my Saturday and Sunday T.V. experiences any more worthwhile.

Most annoying MLB fans ? ( if answer is not an AL C team then also what ALC fans are the most annoying?)

Probably the St. Louis Cardinals fans, although my grandfather was a rabid Birds fan. In the American League Central, I would have to say the Twins fans, because of how often they flock to Kauffman Stadium with their annoyingly loud cheers and those ridiculous "Circle Me Bert" signs.

Who hit's more HR's for the A's Sweeney or Emil?

Emil Brown, because he will probably stay healthy longer.

Is their East coast bias or do we use it as a crutch ?

Yes, come on. I feel the east coast bias really only truly exists in baseball and basketball. In the NFL, cities such as Indianapolis, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Denver get a fair amount of media attention. Unfortunately, I think the bias coincides with the economic situations in MLB and (to a lesser extent) the NBA, which favors larger market teams, many of which exist on the east coast.

Who is better looking? Teahen or Gload

The ladies love Teahen, so I would go with him.

Favorite Drink from Sonic?

First off, great question! It would definitely be the famous slushes: raspberry, blueberry, or strawberry banana.

Was it a huge mistake to let Riske go or will Mahay/Yabuta make us not even notice?

I would have loved to retain Riske for two years, and it will be tough to duplicate his 2.45 ERA, but I think, considering we're a small-market franchise desperate for an organizational boost, we'll like the two extra draft picks in June. Mahay will likely prove serviceable (at least) and I'm expecting another reliever (Nunez?) to step up. Relievers are so volatile, anyway. When all is said and done, not retaining Riske will be a non-issue by 2009.

What would you say the state of Royals blogs and boards is ?

I'm in love with the Royals blogosphere. It's never been better, and it will continue to improve, as I believe the rest of the blogosphere (sports and non-sports) will.
And that was our interview with JD. Be sure and check out Royals Nation as during the year they have all kinds of games and such ie. Royals Survivor 2007, along with Royals Milb survivor, All-Time Royals Survivor, MLB managers survivor, MLB GM Survivor,etc. And lot's of other fun.
FYI I don't know if I'll get out a post Thursday as I'll be volunteering at the local food bank.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Steve Stewart

Has became really annoying to the point I can't wait for Bob Davis.( spooky I know) Also I hate this email the booth "junk", I hope it stops during the season really if you were any kind of fan at all you'd know what is going to happen with Justin Huber right ? Did we lose today I guess so it's what the Internet says I missed it because I couldn't stand Steve Stewart. Just the little stuff so what if he's suffering for some laryngitis ? That really doesn't matter I guess I just get ticked of when he says stuff about Denny like making fun of Denny's point of saying Gargle instead of Google.I love it when he's says that myself. I thought Stevie would be a good broadcaster but I'm already sick of him. FYI I'm taking your blog of my list Steve until you get better.
Here's hoping he gets better or leaves.

Interview with MtRoyals

Below is an interview with MtRoyals (Antonio) of Royal Board, Royal Mania and Royals Nation.
A very recognizable name to anyone who get's around any Royal boards.

Why are you a Royals fan? Were you born in the area or was it your parents? Can you tell us why ?

I was born in the general area (though I think Clinton is almost officially Cardinal Country, sadly). I am from Ewing's birthplace and it has some other connections to the Royals. Bret Saberhagen is said (I have no proof) to have came down in the offseason to hunt. Anyways, I do like to consider myself a free-thinker. My mom is deceased and my dad has a passing interest. I became a big baseball fan when I was 11. Before then, I had lived in Europe for a few years and before that, I lived too far away to take a huge interest in the MLB. Don't tell anyone, but I used to get so angry about taking family vacations because it would interfere with the summer baseball league. I really love all of the teams, but the Royals keep the special place because deep down, the memories of the boy believing in them so much often come to the surface. I still believe in them.

When was your 1st Royals or MLB game ?
Ahh...the good old days. Back when you stood when the Greatest Royal Ever approached the plate to hit and when Moody Belle was better known as Joey. I remember that game so well that I remembered the score, but not well enough that I could refrain from checking my memory. And looking at that starting line-up, wow, that was a long time ago.
Gibson LF
McRae CF
Brett DH
Tartabull RF
Benzinger 1B
Pecota 3B
Spehr C
Howard SS
Shumpert 2B
That bottom half could use a lot of work, Hal!

Most You've Ever Paid for a Royals hat ?
35 bucks is crazy enough, but to make it even crazier is that I lost it in the Mediterranean Sea when the wind blew it off my head and over the side of the ferry before I could even react. I almost lost a Niner hat the same way but some Euro-kid made a mad dash to save it. Where was he at the second time around?

Alright I'll give you a name and you tell me what you think about them:

David Glass ?
Desperate. Cheap. Clueless. Cheap at Wal-Mart works. Cheap on the field doesn't. I am not really a big advocate in spending just to spend. But if David Glass would wake up and realize that if he'd put a little bit of his own money into the franchise, he'd make a huge profit. This city loves baseball. But hopelessness interferes with that love. People are growing optimistic now, but it's a cautious optimism. He spent so many years being Selig's lackey and if there's any one person in baseball that you don't want to follow, it's Selig. I would love to see the Royals blow off the commissioner's office and just go crazy wild in the draft and the Latin American markets. The slotting is just Selig trying to make the cheap players cheaper because he doesn't have to take on the Player's Union. And it keeps the small markets in their place.

Everyone in unison, "Please buy the Royals, Mr. Buffet of Omaha!"

Dayton Moore ? Can there be a single Royal fan that rips Dayton Moore more than me? It's possible and if there is one, then I feel sorry for Mr. Moore. Right now, I have many problems with Moore's methods. I'm not a fan of bringing in the types of free agents than Moore has brought in. If we're going to spend big, then I want it to be really big on really great ballplayers. I know I'm in the smaller group, but the free agents I want to sign are the short-term guys that can be spun. (Difference between what I want and what Baird delivered is Milton Bradley, Type A free agent, and Doug Mientkiewicz, Owner of famous baseball.) The reason I want those guys is because we're not going to win right now...but if we get them and trade them for prospects for our weak farm system, then I think it'll allow us to sustain winning longer and quicker. Dayton Moore isn't doing it my way, but that doesn't make him wrong in my eyes. It makes it a bit frustrating, but I am well aware that there are many ways to build a winner.

Bud Selig ? Bud is not to blame for the All-Star game that ended in a tie. But the look Selig had on his face when the managers presented their problem to him is the look that most hardcore fans have when they think back on the Selig Era. It's like, what in the world is going on!? I will give the man some due, however. The things that he has tried have worked to the degree that they were supposed to work. But the problem is that they're not long term solutions. How many fans has Interleague really brought back? Other than KC/StL, NY/NY, Chi/Chi, Oak/SF, LA/LA, are there any IL match-ups that are really intriguing anymore? Cle/Cin?! How about the ASG determining home field advantage? Is that a fair gimmick? And that's the problem with the Selig Era. It's known as the Steroid Era, but the Gimmick Era would work just as well because even the steroids are quick fixes to repair the damage from a strike that is almost 14 years old.

Gil Meche ? As a baseball fan, I'm not sure there's been one player that's made me so happy to be, so far. A lot of people that were backing the Meche signing have been using Year One as "proof" that they were right, while casually ignoring that we have four more seasons to go. As a Royal fan, I would pat Meche on the back for each time that he proves me wrong. PLEASE, PLEASE, GIL, SHOW ME UP! And here's something very interesting. Most of the gloating fans are predicting regression closer to the mean for Mr. Meche. Right now, he is our number one and I root for him every time out. But I root harder for Greinke to make Meche the number two starter because I think Greinke can be a world class talent to the point that he's in the top 10 or so of the best American League pitchers. Something else that is interesting is going back to September 2006, when RoyalBoarders were talking about which free agents to sign, some people that were jumping up and down about 5/55, were talking about wanting to sign Meche for no more than 3/27. I would have gone more than that even, but I believe in having an upper limit. Until we redefine draft and Latin American spending, I'll complain about every less than stellar free agent we sign. Please, please, Gil, show me up!

What blogs/boards do you visit the most ?
Royalboard, obviously. I kind of feel bad about posting about three times as much as anyone else, but I figure that everyone else has at least triple the social life that I have or something. haha It's been hard to keep up with some of the newer ones because I've been gone a lot recently, but I check Rany on the Royals a lot, I've been checking yours, Royally Speaking, Undying Royalty. During the season, I get frustrated because the guy that does Royales with Cheese doesn't update nearly enough! He's HILARIOUS! I check out Royal Review from time to time during the season. Royalmania doesn't get a lot of hits, but I like it. I even check the Royals on Facebook. And Royals Nation is a must! I've been pushing it hard lately because it's a good site being ran by a good guy, Jack, who is doing some fantastic things. He seems to miss nothing about the Royals and he puts a lot of work into the site. Jack of Royals Nation and Bob of Royalboard/Royalmania are very dedicated fans.

Your choice New-Downtown stadium or the K?
I'm all about the K. There have been a lot of things done recently that I've been defending half-heartedly. I don't really like the economic system, but it is what it is, so I defend it because we have to work within it. I know I would have loved a downtown stadium, but I wanted to keep the K all along and that's what we have, so I am hoping they build the best K possible--and it looks like they are. Yeah, PNC is fantastic. The new Busch stadium is great. All of these downtown stadium are wonderful, but they're all in unique cities. What the city of KCMO really needs to do is develop the area around the K if they want people there before and after the games. If nothing else, it'll help ease the traffic when the game lets out!

Also, the best words on why the K should stay are found here:

Will you miss Johan Santana?
Of course, I will miss an amazing athlete! I keep a close watch on my second favorite team--the other 29--so I will see plenty of him, but I haven't been to Shea since 2000 and I probably won't be going back there as it's almost at the end of its run. I won't get to see much of Santana in person. As I said about moving to the NLC, isn't the point of winning to face the best and beat the best? Johan Santana is EASILY one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. The Twins got a lot of great years out of him.

If you got a hotdog at the K what would you put on it?

You know...those dogs are so juicy and the bread is so good, I don't even bother with it. Plus, I'm weird and don't like to unwrap, smear and re-wrap the dog. They're heavenly perfection as it is. One of the best places to eat in Kansas City is the K. Great food, great entertainment, great time.

Most annoying MLB fans?
In all of the MLB? I have to go with the theme from your blog and say the White Sox. But, I do have to give some props to Cardinal and Red Sox Nation. They both travel well, which is a plus because I'd like to see more of that from Royals fans. The minus on the Card fans is that they talk like the entire world is against them, so winning the World Series in 2006 wasn't a hard-earned effort by a lesser team, but dues finally being paid for the blunders of the cheating '85 Royals (Denkinger/runaway tarp), the cheating '87 Twins (Homerdome), the cheating '04 Red Sox (Big Papi is the designated hitter? We have Reggie Sanders and Marlon Anderson!). And the Red Sox have gone from Woeisme to Arrogance.

Most annoying AL Central team ?
White Sox. I think more than being annoying, they're just baffling. They're the White Sox, Chicago! I feel a lot of indifference towards them because I just can't fathom how anyone can really stand up boldly and say, "Yes, I am a die hard Chicago White Sox fan!"

Most annoying MLB broadcasters?
Hawk Harrelson and the Drunk of St. Louis, Mike Shannon. I think more annoying than Shannon is that the Cardinal fans think that this Alcoholics Anonymous dropout's problem should be celebrated. Mike, do you hate your wife? Your job?

Is their such a thing as East coast bias or do we use it as a crutch?
The problem that I have with the calls of East Coast Bias is how blind it seems to be. ESPN is a television station. It needs viewers. Most of its viewers are in the East. Great teams are in the East. Viewers in the East support their teams really well. The Royals don't see a lot of ESPN time and yeah, it really does suck. But ask yourself which is worst. Being a constant 100-loss team and getting no airplay or being a good team in the West and getting limited airplay? It really sucks, but com'on, folks! No one outside of the Kansas City region wants to see the Royals (right now). It is getting better, but if we want more time on ESPN, then we need to start playing better ball. I like the direction they are going, but we still have a long ways to go. And as another interviewee mentioned, why don't KU fans complain of the East Coast bias (though Big East teams are on TV too much and get too much love from the selection committee). Besides, it should be called the Northeast bias as no one thinks Clemson gets too much coverage. haha.

Have you ever ran the base's after a Sunday home game ?
No, I have not. But why the heck not? I should have. Blast my shyness!

Could you outrun John Buck ?
Do you know who Mike Rayburn is? Most do not. I was still trembling when I met the man. Do you know Rod Carew? Most do. I was mouthing off to him (unknowing at the time that it was Rod FREAKIN' Carew) in a New York hotel in 2000. Most, I'm guessing, don't know John Buck, so in my topsy turvy world, I guess that means I'd be too busy trembling due to meeting the big guy to actually outrun him. And Don Harmon wears a knee brace when he plays softball against us and I think he outruns me too. I can only outrun small children and unathletic women. (Does my reply count as name-dropping?)

Royals record this year ?
74-88. The Pessimist strikes again! Two years ago, I predicted the Royals would improve by 15 games by the end of the 2008 season. They were three down on my prediction for the 2007 season and I'm sticking with my five game improvement for the 2008 season. From 62 wins to 74 is a 12 game improvement and that's pretty darn good over two years in this sport.

When will the Royals contend?
You're going to make people start the We Hate MtRoyals chants again! Trying to be as realistic as I can be, I have to put it off until Mike Moustakas first full season. 2011. The fan within me hates to say it, but which big time free agents are seriously going to join us? Gil Meche, as well as he did last year and as well as I hope for him to continue doing, is not a big time free agent. "Power hitter" Jose Guillen is not a big time free agent. If we draft a collegiate hitter this year, I think by 2011, we can line up four guys with big time ability at third (Gordon), DH (Butler), right (Moustakas, but hopefully at second) and maybe first (if we draft Smoak, for example). And they would be countered with a rotation of Greinke, Cortes, Hochevar, Meche and hope against hope, Soria with Carlos Rosa as the Closer. And we still might need the Teahen of 2006. NOTE: I don't look at contention as an aberration of 2003. Yes, we were technical contenders, but I think of contending the long term sense of every year, you have to expect the team to be in there for a September battle. No flukes. No outliers. No anomalies.

What would you say the state of Royals blogs and boards is?
.410. 532 wins. 764 losses. That's what the team brings to the table in the "Aughts". The fans, who seem to be much more entertaining in our hopes and dreams for this team, bring the likes of Rany Jazayerli, Rob Neyer and that one guy from Atlanta *cough**cough* John Sickels, while also fulfilling every single one of our aching Royal needs (save for championship gold) that we could ever have with blog after blog after blog. And it's not worthless stuff like "I like the Royals. Go Team!" but stuff that actually analyzes the performance of a team that has let us down so many times. Intelligent people come together to put out an amazing amount of interesting tidbits, facts, stories and tall tales over this team. And it is so cohesive. Eventually every Royal fan that looks for the Royals online will find pretty much every single good or better blog. I find new ones all the time, including today ( If I wasn't a Royal fan, it would be truly baffling to me. But I am one. And I look forward to every Royal Blue day, win or lose, with great hope and intrigue.
Thanks to Mt for taking the time for this interview it was a great time.
Our next interview will be with the brilliant mind behind Royals Nation, Jack Dempsey.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Late Happy St. Patricks Day

Sorry for being late. I felt so bad I thought I'd get you something special.
Gil Meche says: Happy late St. Patricks day to all
Only 14 Days till Opening Day. Hope to get out a real post tommorow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust
Ryan Braun has fallin back to AAA Omaha where he was optioned today. Braun has struggled in my mind during his time with the Big league club and I didn't think he had much of a chance guess I was right.

Nomo Mania It's Insane-ea
Well today Nomo was told no rotation for you. But he(Nomo) wouldn't take it he told Hillman:

I like the atmosphere very much, I like the coaching here very much, and I want to continue to compete, and if it's a bullpen role, that's fine with me,'" Hillman said.

So in essence we only lose a contender for the rotation so will Nomo make the team,
Their already talking about the possibility of fill in closer:

While he isn't looking at Nomo as a closer necessarily, the Royals manager didn't rule out the possibility of Nomo sliding into that spot on occasion. From time to time, a team's closer does need a day off, Hillman said.

Nomo, who declined to comment, could be that fill-in closer for Hillman.

So we got the 39 will be 40 year old Japan icon, Nomo-mania I vowed not to get caught up in it like all those who know nothing about baseball really I'm talking us bloggers defiantly but I've sorta fallen for Nomo-mania I guess.

Rotation Wars
So Nomo is gone. Maroth was injured and will start the year in AAA most likely. SO...........
With 2 spots remaining 4 worthy or not contenders,
4 SPOT LHP John Bale vs JDLR
5 SPOT ANYONE Brett Tomko vs Luke Hochevar
So let's take a look at the battles LHP edge Bale with 15 days left by quite a lot.
ANYONE SPOT Tomko is the favorite because we must always have an Elarton, Redman, Lima, or Tomko it's in the Royals book of must's written by David Glass and Alard Baird.

Spellcheck has informed me bloggers should be changed to floggers.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

6 more cut.

We are going downhill picking up speed ready to chug into Detroit and whip some Tigers. Only problem going to Detroit is uphill not down hill from Arizona so no snowball effect going for the Royals only John Daley. But in order for us to be ready for that game that comes in only 16 Days. We need to get down to 25 players. You know like the bride who already looks good but for the wedding has to drop some lbs in her mind. (Well yeah this is what happens on a rainy Saturday)
So let's look at the 6 deemed dead weight:

cOF Shane Costa
Was optioned down to AAA Omaha how sad that they would even consider a semi-prospect in Huber and Maier better or allow Gathright to make it because he's improved. No our AAAA boy Costa should have made it on Opening Day I mean I have fond memories of Costa. My first great pull from a package of bb cards. Shane Costa used team USA pants. I'll always treasure your pants Shane.

LHP Tyler Lumsden
The other guy in the Daniel Cortes-Mike MacDougal trade tha sent our closer to the White Sox for a top prospect and Lumsden. Oh wait Lumsden was the prospect and Cortes was the ok I got it. But then Cortes did something about it and is our team's #3 prospect according to The Royal Tower. While the guy we're talking about is #14 because he didn't do anything about it. Got it I know it is confusing.

INF's Angel Shancez and Mario Lisson
Shancez has been in the big leagues before Tommy John last year Lisson hasn't I doubt we see them in Kansas City this year as they were optioned to AA Northwest Arkansas If you want to know more here's a link to Google.

RHP Carlos Rosa
He's got some great stuff just didn't show it in spring training he'll start out the year along side Shancez and Lisson.

RHP Brian Lawerence
Trying to make a comeback like Nomo and Chan Ho Park(LAD) and Mike Maroth and Brian Anderson(retired) etc. But he didn't and was sent to milb camp and if he stays will be the same guy Wayne Franklin was last year a washed up old veteran in AAA.

There's a look at your 6 roster cuts to bring us down to 44. Only 19 more to go ! I'm going to run now and do something anything. Might get satellite Internet. Possible ending the blogs run as one of maybe a few maybe the only Royals blog on dial-up. In fact the speed right now is 41.2 Kbps which is very high as the average is 36.
Don't forget that Nomo-Mania is starting today for KC against the only team made from barley in the Majors. It's game.......... I forgot but you know my stance on ST. If you've read all this I'm proud because I'm really bored right now. Hope to have a better post soon.
Bye Bye
Oh Wait don't forget to check out our friends and co-workers if you want your blog included just drop me a comment.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Interview with Keith of The Royal Tower

Below is an interview done with Keith of The Royal Tower

Why are you a Royals fan? Were you born in the area or was it your parents? Why?

It's definitely in the blood. My dad was a fan, tells stories every now and then of the Royals in the 70's and 80's. Once a fan, always a fan.

When was you're first Royals game?

I wish I knew. I know I went to Royals games throughout the 90's, but I can't honestly say I remember when the first one was.

When did you become so obsessed with the Royals milb teams?

Heh, I'm a Royals fan. That sounds kind of silly, but the Royals have seemingly always been looking toward the future since I can remember, and even though it finally looks like we're starting to come together at the top of the organization, it's still really fun to look and dream of what the team could be in the future.

What would you say the overall state of Royals blogs and boards are ?

Fantastic. There are seemingly endless amounts of Royals blogs out there, and almost every single one of them is worth reading.

Why did you start your blog ?

It's not easy to find simple scouting reports on minor league players without paying any money, and that's what I aim to do. It's true, I don't see some (or even most) of the minor league players I describe, but I compile enough information from as many sources as possible before posting the reports.

Favorite blog or board besides your own The Royal Tower?

My most visited Royals sites would be Royals Review, Royals Corner, Royals Authority, and Royals Nation. With that said, if there's a Royals blog out there, I likely visit it at least once or twice a week.

Is their such a thing as east coast bias or do we use it mainly as a crutch ?

Yea, not as much as some portray it as, but there definitely is some bias out there. It's mostly due to the fact that the only really good sports program/highlight show is on ESPN, I believe, and they're located in the Northeast. I understand why they give more attention to the teams in the northeast, but as the "Worldwide Leader in Sports", they should at least try to do a better job covering the entire sport, rather than focusing on whenever Dice-K is doing jumping jacks.

Could you outrun John Buck?

Maybe in a long distance run if I got into a little better shape. I'm actually pretty skinny, but I haven't ran or done anything real active in months.

Will you miss Johan Santana?

No. Next question?

Most annoying AL Central Team ?

White Sox, without a doubt. There's not a single part of them that isn't annoying. The catcher, the manager, the general manager, and the "fans".

Most annoying AL Central fans ?

See above. Attacking a first base coach, are you kidding me?

Most annoying AL Central broadcasters?

Once again, the White Sox broadcasters without a doubt. They seem pretty intelligent when in comes to the Royals, actually, but they're just annoying as hell with their dumb calls.

Least annoying MLB fans?(besides own)

Indians. Don't really hear much from them.

Least annoying AL Central broadcasters?(besides own)

Indians. I've heard very few of each time, but they seem like the most intelligent among our division.

If you had a hot dog at the K what's on it?

Plain. I'm not a toppings guy.

Did we overpay for Guillien?

If we did, barely. As a fan, it's really hard to know how many others teams we're in on Guillen since really it was only the Royals that we're publicly admitting some interest. As long as the team isn't expecting Guillen to be the answer to the Royals' offensive problems last year, I think he'll be a fine addition to the ball club.

How long will Emil be an Athletic?

One Year.

Most hated MLB team ?

Heh, probably the White Sox, of course. It would bring a huge smile to my face to see them crash and burn and stay in the cellar for a long, long time.

Your choice Downtown or present location for stadium?

I like Kaufman where it's at. I was a little disappointed the rolling roof didn't get approved, because that would have been truly awesome.

When will the Royals contend?

They'll be pushing for a division title in 2009.

Did you like the black alternate uniforms ?

Not really, seemed to generic for my liking.

Do you enter the Sonic slam inning ? What' your drink at Sonic?

Not yet. I have a gift certificate to Sonic, but I haven't been there is so long that I don't really even remember what there is to drink there.

You're pick who is the 4th and 5th starter?

I'd love to see Hochevar and Davies take those two spots, as it'd make for possibly the youngest starting rotation in baseball. That said, if they both we're to make it, it would make something of a roster crunch with Bale going back to the bullpen and Tomko sure to get a spot as well. I do like the idea of Bale in the rotation, he could be somewhere near league average if given 150 innings.

Have you ever ran the bases after a Sunday game?

Nope. My parents would never let me. Boooo.

Most unique Royals item you own?

I have a Royals beanie. Nothing too unique I guess.

Do you get enjoyment from your blog?

Yea I really do. I don't get to write as much as I would like to, but it is fun to research our teams prospects and report about them for others to access easily. I'd like to someday build a much larger Royals website outside of blogger, but that's not an option quite yet.
And that concludes our interview with Keith from The Royal Tower check out his blog for great Royals minor league coverage.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Leagal woes, Billy Crystal and The Second coming of Emil

Wow are we getting you one action packed blog tonight. I'm as excited as you are so let's get to it, lots of news:

Billy Crystal the comedian works full count against Maholm before he strikes out
Ok why do we care right? I mean this is a Royals blog right? Well of course i just thought you might want to know about some news. If I was Maholm I would have gave Billy a HBP and then laughed but the MLB would frown on that one. If you want to read the story here but first ask yourself, why?

Now for the fantasy baseball players,
The Red sox placed Schilling on 60 day DL. So they could bring up Lincoln Holdzkom so be sure and pick up Holdzkom even if you want have to dump Papelbon. Why ? Obvious of course Holdzkom sounds better. ( better yet if your in my league I'll pick up Holdzkom and then you can just trade me Papelbon for him yep I'm just that kind of guy)

Damon Hollins
Hit his second Homer of spring today and boosted his team lead in RBI's to 11. Is it just me or is this the second coming of Emil Brown? You know occasional power, and poor fielding. I'm getting this strange vision that 2 years from now he'll be the everyday RF and making $4m for the boys in blue.

Mike Maroth
Was spotted and pitched one inning allowed one run and got the win. Based on that he should be the sure Cy Young and have about a 32-0 record.( I'm still trying to figure out why TJ didn't get 324 triples last year)

And Finally
I leave you tonight with some sadness last night I wrote

"Hows that taste Sam Mellinger"
He wrote me and said ........ like chicken. You will be hearing from my lawyer soon. So Sam listen I'm sorry I didn't know I could get a reader who writes for THE KANSAS CITY STAR. So just contact my lawyer Barry Bonds at
No seriously thanks for reading Sam.

I'll be back at the interviews tomorrow with Keith of The Royal Tower

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interview with Will of Royals Review

Below is an interview done today with Will McDonald of Royals Review.

Why are you a Royals fan? Were you born in the area or was it your parents? Why ?

Will (Royals Review)
I am actually from Texas, so I really can't say why
I'm a fan. Just one of those things, you know? I am
always embarrassed about this, but its true. Beyond
that, I really got into the Royals (at the level of
wanting to have a blog about them) when I was in

When was you're first Royals game?

April of 2003, so you can say I picked a good time. I
remember being excited about Angel Berroa.

What would you say the overall state of Royals blogs and boards are?

This is a really great time to be a Royals fan. For
whatever reason, there has been a spate of new blogs
starting up in the last six months or so, to say
nothing of Posnanski's baseball blog, which is fairly
Royals-heavy (in a good way). It's almost like the
Royals are becoming one of those teams with so many
good blogs you can't even follow them all. Maybe it's
all the new-found optimism. In a way, I guess I was
sorta lucky to get started when I did (back in '04).
There were a million baseball blogs already, but not a
ton dedicated to the Royals. Finally, there's always
been a good sense of camaraderie in the Royals
blogosphere and on the message boards. I don't totally
know why, maybe it is just luck.

Why did you start your blog ?

I had a blog called Royals Nightly on blogger that
started in 2004. Not many people read it, but it was
fun. I went through a solid year when I was mentally
saying, "ok, next year, you'll have this site, and
this is how its going to be". Sorta pre-planning I
guess. Royals Review launched in May of 2005, but it
seems like I've been doing it longer than that.

Favorite blog or board besides your own Royals Review.

I try to check the main boards (Royals Corner, Royal
Board, Royals Nation) regularly, and sometimes post on
them. Ditto for the blogs, save for the posting of
course. I don't know if I have a favorite, but
probably Royals Authority would be the one I consider
the best, at least in terms of pure writing and
coverage. I'm sure Rany's new blog will eventually
blow many of us out of the water.

Is their such a thing as east coast bias, or do we use it mainly as a crutch ?

Eh, maybe a little. I think coverage is slanted to
where people live, for all kinds of obvious reasons,
and more people live in the Northeast. 8.6 million
people live in New Jersey and 3.5 live in Connecticut,
and those are just commuter or backyard states for
larger cities. If there is any bias, it is against
losing teams, which are boring. Look at Kansas hoops,
they seem to get plenty of love.

Most you've paid for a Royals hat?

I think I paid like $33 last year outside the Cell in
Chicago. I wanted to represent for KC ya know. Dumb
purchase, but a nice hat.

Could you outrun John Buck?

Depends on the distance. He could probably beat me
down the line, because they have to practice that
sprint. Anything longer, I could probably whip him.

Will you miss Johan Santana?
Yea, actually I will. He's one of those guys that you
always check the game he's pitching in, because
something historic could be happening.

Most annoying AL Central Team ?
Tough tough call. I'm going to think outside the box
and say the Twins.

Most annoying AL Central fans ?
I'm going to say Tigers fans, but can't say why. I've
spent much time around Sox and Indians fans, and don't
find much fault with them. Cleveland fans tend to be
very loyal, but they might be the least advanced fan
base in the league, in terms of sabermetrics and such.

Most annoying AL Central broadcastors?
This might be blasphemy, but I enjoy Hawk Harrelson.
Sometimes its ironic, sometimes its not. I don't take
him seriously at all, but I enjoy listening to him.
He'll say interesting non-cliche things, which is
nice, even if they are horribly wrong. And the last
two years have been golden. When the Sox are going
bad, he just gets depressed as hell, and will actually
be incredibly silent for long periods of time. I love

Least annoying AL Central fans?

The Royals fans, of course.

Least annoying AL Central broadcasters?
Our guys, of course. I really enjoy Cleveland's radio
guys too.

If you had a hot dog at the K what's on it?
Just mustard. But honestly, I probably wouldn't by
one. I'm a soda at the game, food after kinda guy.

Did we overpay for Guillien?
I wouldn't say Dayton did that exactly. The problem isn't
really the cost, its the fact that Guillen is supposed
to be a solution, when he isn't. I look at it this
way, if you're trying to plan a special dinner, say,
for an anniversary or something, you're better off
getting something cheap food-wise and then doing
something else, like dancing, or you should really go
to a *nice* place. Signing Guillen is like taking your
wife to Applebees, but then big dogging it because you
ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. I guess
what I am trying to say is: I'm not hardcore against
the deal, I just think it was pointless.

How long will Emil be an Athletic?
Maybe a season.

Most hated team ?

I might have to say Cubs at this point. Cubs or Red
Sox. The Yankees and Cardinals don't bother me.

Your choice Downtown or present location for stadium?

Its hard to say, because I love the K. A downtown
stadium might be nice, but it would inevitably not be
the K.

When will the Royals contend?
If they aren't contending by 2009, they won't with
this group.

Did you like the black alternate uniforms ?

No, not really. The Royals might as well red or
something. It makes as much sense.

You're pick who is the 4th and 5th starter?

This isn't a prediction, but more what I'd like to
see: Bale and Hochevar. So of course it will be JDLR
and Davies.

Finally Do you get enjoyment from your blog?
I do, but why exactly, I can't say.

And that concludes are interview with the brilliant mind behind the most recognizable Royals blog in my opion Royals Review. Yeah the best how's that taste Mr.Sam Mellinger ? I've got several others lined up to interview but Will was the first to accept seriously check him and his readers out. Even tho you probally already do. Don't you ?

Have a good night only 19 more days till Opening Day!